research methods

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  1. hypothesis
    • prediction of how two or more factors are likely to be related
    • written as an if/then statement
  2. variable
    factor that can be manipulated
  3. a variable that is hard to directly observe is an operational variable which
    describes exactly what the variables are and how they are measured within the context of your study
  4. what is confirmation bias ( or experimental bias)
    scientists always want to prove their hypothesis true
  5. for tests to be accurate they must be ____ & _____
    reliable( repeatable) and valid (accurate)
  6. theories
    • organized set of hypothesis that is widely excepted as a tentative explanation for a phenomenon
    • Correlation research methods are used to obtain these goals
  7. four main goals in scientific method
    describe, make predictions, control, explain
  8. naturalistic observations
    • observe someone is natural habitat so they can get info on typical behaviors of humnas and animals.
    • jane goodall chimps
    • problem is people perceive things differently
  9. hawthorn effect
    people act differently when they know their being watched
  10. research methods in psychology
    • 1 naturalistic observations
    • 2 case studies
    • 3 surveys
  11. case studies
    • thorough study, can be useful for studying rare, complex phenomenon
    • usually done by clinical psychologists
  12. surveys
    shouldnt be biased or leading
  13. experimental research
    only method that gives the control needed to directly test cause-and-effect relationships
  14. independent
    can be manipulated
  15. dependent
    effect of independent
  16. experimental group
    • independent been altered
    • receive treatment
  17. control group
    • provides basis for comparison
    • often with a placebo
  18. confounding variables
    • (allergic reactions, placebo effect, experimenter bias
  19. double blind experiments
    no one knows whos receiving the treatment
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