Science 6th Grade

  1. Charges that are the same repel each other . What do different charges do ?
    They attract each other .
  2. What is an electric field ?
    An electric field is a region around charged objects where an object's electric force interacts with other objects .
  3. What is static electricity ?
    Static electricity is the build - up of charges on an object ?
  4. How is electric current produced ?
    To produce electric current charges must flow continuously from one place to another .
  5. What is voltage ?
    Voltage is the difference in electrical potential energy between 2 places in a circuit .
  6. What is a circuit breaker ?
    A circuit breaker is a reusable safety switch that breaks the circuit when the current gets too high .
  7. What happens when a bulb goes out in a series circuit ?
    All the other bulbs go out .
  8. What happens when a bulb goes out in a parallel circuit ?
    The other bulbs stay lit .
  9. What is a battery ?
    A battery is a combination of two or more electrochemical cells in a series .
  10. What is electric current ?
    Electric current is the continues flow of electric charges through a material .
  11. What is Ohm's law ?
    Ohm's law says that resistance equals voltage divided by current .
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