HWST Unit 3

  1. Polytheism
    belief in more than 1 god
  2. Akua
    god, goddess; supernatural, godly
  3. Animism
    the attribution of a souls to plants, inanimate objects
  4. `Aumakua
    god/ spirit in ones genealogy, people have spiritual relationships with them
  5. `Uhane
    soul or spirit, ghost, spiritual
  6. Kinolau
    the idea that spirits can manifest themselves in different natural physical forms
  7. Monotheism
    Belief in one God
  8. Baegu
    People of Malaita, Solomon islands. had their own religion. Animistic/polytheistic people.
  9. Kwasi
    ghost or spirit/Baegu
  10. Aabu system
    strict religious practices, in cook islands
  11. Seventh Day Adventists
    protestant christian church

    believe that the second coming of Christ will soon occur and the Bible is the absolute guide to faith and spiritual practice in anticipation of his return
  12. Marching Rule
    an emancipation movement for self-government and self-determination during/after WW2 in Soloman Islands
  13. Io
    short rib extending upward from the tip of the paddle
  14. Havaiki
    a fabled original homeland from which polynesians believe themselves to have come/to where their spirits return after death
  15. Harmony
    agreement or concord, being one with a deity
  16. `Aumakua
    god/ spirit in ones genealogy, people have spiritual relationships with them
  17. Ao Kuewa
    realm of lost soulds. spirits wandered, couldn't engage with living forms, tried to posses living souls in order in engage with living
  18. Ao o Milu
    realm of complete darkness, evil
  19. Maluaʻe
    Hawaiian story about man name Malua’e. Son choked on banana and Malua’e was a farmer. Laid beside son and wanted to die but received help and retreived sons soul
  20. Noho `Ana
    the act of spirits taking over living beings to communicate with living world; possession. Leaves psychological problems
  21. Kuleana
  22. Leina
    spring, leap, bound; spirit place to leap from into the netherworld
  23. Mana
    • spiritual power, presence, strength; leadership; in people, places
    • a spiritual power that you can "feel"
  24. Pono
    balance, power, dualism; to be balanced; RECOGNIZING a sense of own balance
  25. Pele
    • female diety; body form of LAVA, young woman, old woman; she will cover old and create new so live can form
    • Daughter of Haumea and Kāne. Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.
  26. Hi`iaka
    Daughter of Haumea and Kāne. Hawaiian goddess of clouds, forests, hula dancing. Carried to Hawai'i by Pele in the form of an egg.
  27. Kumupa`a
    • foundation of gods; original deities; power was important to daily lives
    • male deities, such as Ku, Lono, Kāne, Kanaloa
  28. Haumea
    female kumupa'a; represented woman hood, one who gives birth, fertility and strength
  29. Mo`o
    large female reptilian being who protects fish pools
  30. Kākū‘ai,
    to feed the gods; physical transformation of body to element/gods
  31. Heiau
    Praying grounds/house
  32. Lele,
    the place on an altar on which an offering goes to the gods
  33. Ko‘a
    coral, coral head, fishing shrines/ grounds
  34. Luakini
    temple, church; where ruling chiefs prayed and made human sacrifices
  35. ‘Aha ceremony,
    ceremonies at a heiau to dedicate the turning of night to day. during these ceremonies no sudden movements were to be made and complete silence was to be withheld.
  36. Kalaninuiiamamao
    Hawaiian god of fertility, agriculture, and peace
  37. Ka Pō
    night time
  38. Ke Ao
    day time
  39. Laʻilaʻi
    • peaceful and calm (woman)
    • female with alot of mana
  40. Kiʻi
    • Carved god image for a temple( Man)
    • eldest brother who is mate of la’ila’i
  41. Kāne
    God of procreation, gives life associated with dawn, sun, and sky. Highest of the four major Hawaiian deities (along with Kanaloa, Kū, and Lono)
  42. Wākea
    • father, high chief who wanted to mate with his daughter. Sky father.
    • Islands were made by the hands of Wakea himself
    • Married to Papa with three children
    • Sleeps with daughter, Ho'okokukalani, and produces two children
  43. Hāloa
    a son of Wākea; brother or relationship; sacred taro
  44. Haumea
    Hawaiian goddess of birth, politics, and war
  45. Maui
    A renowned Hawaiian mythological hero. Is said to slow the sun, lift the sky, and fish new land from the ocean
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