Chapter 3 - Ecology Kamalvir Pablay

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  1. Biodiversity
    The number and variety of biotic organisms found within a specific region as well as the number and variety of ecosystems within and beyond that region
  2. Protect
    To legally guard a species that is considered one of the following:

    • -Endangered
    • -Threatened
    • -Special Concern

    from harm

    Example: Tigers are on the verge of extinction, so they need protection
  3. Biodiversity Hotspot
    A place where there is a larger amount of biodiversity in a small area than normal

    Example: Lake Malawi
  4. Community
    All the populations of the different species that interact in a specific area or ecosystem.

    Example: Lake Ontario is a community
  5. Dominant Species
    An abundant species that have the largest biomass in a community.

    Example: Kangaroo Rats
  6. Keystone species
    A species that creates a huge difference in the health of an ecosystem and its population numbers.

    Example: Sea otters are a keystone species because they consume sea urchins
  7. Captive Breeding
    When a species is rare or endangered in wildlife so it is brought into a safe place where everything is controlled to be bred until a specific population number is reached.

    Example: Black-Footed Ferrets were under a captive breeding program
  8. Ecosystem Engineer
    A species that causes dramatic changes in an ecosystem such as changing the landscape to the point where a new ecosystem is created.

    Example: Beavers because they create dams in streams of water that other organisms use to survive and thrive
  9. Succession
    The series of changes in an ecosystem that occurs over time, following a disturbance.

    Example: Flooded forests caused by beavers
  10. Habitat Loss
    The destruction of habitats, which usually results from human activities

    Example: Deforestation, causing the loss of the habitats for birds, insects and other animals
  11. Deforestation
    When forests (or a forest) is cleared for human uses and not replanted, leading to erosion, climate change, and more.
  12. Alien Species
    A species that is accidentally, or purposely brought into a new location where it is not native.

    Example: Zebra Mussels were accidentally brought in to North America
  13. Invasive Species
    A species (usually an alien species) that takes over a habitat for/of native species

    Example: Zebra Mussels are an invasive species
  14. Overexploitation
    The use or extraction of a resource until it is depleted

    Example: Passenger Pigeons were overexploited by hunters in the early 1900s

    Graph of the Angry Bears and their decline to becoming endangered

    Image Upload 1
  15. Extinction
    The death of a population and all of its species.

    Example: Passenger Pigeons have gone extinct
  16. Biodiversity Crisis
    The accelerated rate of extinctions
  17. Restoration Ecology
    The renewal of destroyed or abandoned ecosystems through active human intervention

    Example: The Don Valley Brick Works has been effected by Restoration Ecology
  18. Reforestation
    The regrowth of a forest through 2 ways

    • 1) Natural Processes
    • 2) Planting of seeds or trees in an area where a forest was cut down
  19. Biocontrol
    The use of an alien species to control the population growth or spread of an undesirable species.

    Example: Parasitoid fly was brought in to control the European gypsy moth
  20. Bioremedation
    The use of biotic organism to clean up contaminated ares naturally

    Example: Bioremedation is used at contaminated sites such as gas stations to clean up the soil of toxins
  21. Bioaugmentation
    The use of organisms to add essential nutrients to depleted soils
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