Antimuscarinic Drug Uses

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  1. Atropine and Homatropine
    • Gold standard
    • Pre-op, cardiac stimulant, mydriatic agent, GI antispasmodic, antidote for cholinesterase inhibitor poisoning, dry respiratory secretions
  2. Scopolamine and Methscopolamine
    vertigo and motion sickness
  3. Dicyclomine
    • GI antispasmodic (IBS)
    • nonquaternary
  4. Propantheline
    • GI antispasmodic (IBS)
    • quaternary
  5. Glycopyrrolate
    • anesthsia pre-op to dry respiratory secretions and inhibit vagal reflex
    • general purpose antimuscarinic
  6. Ipratropium and Tiatropium
    inhalant for COPD and asthma
  7. Benztropine and Trihexyphenidyl
  8. Tolterodine, Oxbutynin, Solifenacin
    urinary incontinence (hyperactive bladder)
  9. Tropicamide
    mydriatic agent
  10. Pancuronium and Atracurium
    • neuromuscular blocking
    • competitive (nonpolarizing)
  11. Succinylcholine
    • neuromuscular blocking
    • noncompetitive (depolarizing)
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