Theology Review

  1. What is sin?
    Thought word deed or omission against Gods law
  2. What was the first sin by Adam and Eve called?
    Original Sin
  3. How does original sin affect us now?
    death ignorance pain and suffering
  4. what is the weakness left from orginal sin?
  5. What 3 conditions are necessary to make a mortal sin mortal?
    • 1. Know its wrong
    • 2. premeditate
    • 3. just do it
  6. whats the difference between sin of comission and omission?
    • Commision- Doing something bad
    • Omission- not doing what you should
  7. How can a catholic recover from mortal sin?
    penance and true sorrow
  8. What is everyones primary vocation?
  9. Difference between Chist temptation and our temptation?
    • Christ-external
    • Ours-internal and external
  10. What should self esteem be based upon?
    How much God loves us
  11. What is ment by the Golden rule?
    treat others how you want to be treated
  12. What are the 2 greatest commandments?
    Love the Lord your God and love your neighbors as yourself
  13. how are the 10 commandments divided?
    • 1-3 with God
    • 4-10 with others
  14. 10 cammandments
    • 1. Do not worship false Gods
    • 2. Do not say the Lords name in vain
    • 3. Keep Holy the sabbath day
    • 4. Respect you mother and father
    • 5. Do not kill
    • 6. Do not commit adultry
    • 7. Do not steal
    • 8. Do not bare false witness against your neighbor
    • 9. Do not covet your neighbors wife
    • 10. Do not covent your neighbors goods
  15. What is grace?
    free gift of God, helps do good and avoid evil
  16. What is the next level after the commandments?
  17. What is Sanctifying grace? actual grace?
    • Sanctifying- Children of God and heirs of heaven
    • Actual- Conversion grace
  18. Theological virtues
    Faith hope charity
  19. Cardinal virtues
    Prudence, fortitude, justice, temprance- hinge virtues
  20. stages in Gospel Development
    • Oral
    • Written
    • Editied
  21. 7 Sacraments
    Baptism, Eucharist, Penance, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Anointing of the sick
  22. 7 Capital Sins
    • Pride
    • Lust
    • Anger
    • Greed
    • Glutony
    • Envy
    • Sloth
  23. Name the fist 5 books of the bible
    Genisus, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronamy
  24. What are these books called by the Catholics and Jewish people?
    • Catholics- Pentauch
    • Jewish- Torah
  25. 4 ideas for a spiritual game plan
    • Morning Offering
    • Holy Mass
    • Confession
    • Rosery
  26. What is the holy rosery?
    Compendium of life of Christ
  27. Incarnation
    Word of God made flesh
  28. Immaculate conception
    Mary concieved with out sin
  29. Hypostatic Union
    Union of God-Man in Christ
  30. 1. Latria
    2. Hyperdulia
    3. Dulia
    • 1. Adoration, God alone
    • 2. High Veneration, Mary alone
    • 3. Lower veneration, Angels and Saint
  31. 3 states in life
    • Single
    • Married
    • Religious
  32. Su
  33. Su
  34. Superstition
    Giving a creature a power that belongs to God alone
  35. Sin of Dispair
    Giving up all hope
  36. How is Jesus's life a role model for us?
    showed prayer is number one
  37. Formal meetings of the Church
  38. Difference between dry martyr and martyr
    • Dry martyr- Doesnt shed blood but suffers
    • Martyr- Sheds blood for Christ
  39. What Century had the most Martyrs?
  40. "Sanctus"
  41. What is needed to share in the life of the Trinity?
    Sanctifying Grace
  42. When does Holiness begin?
  43. Spiritual Direction
    seeking advice to live out our life in God
  44. 4 triths from the book of Genesis
    • One God
    • He made all things
    • Created Adam and Eve
    • Saw all was good
  45. What passage of Genesis shows the first promise of a redeemer?
  46. Four last things
    • Judgment
    • Heaven
    • Hell
    • Death
  47. What were the gifts of the Magi? and what did they symbolize?
    • Gold-King
    • Frank.-Divinity
    • Mhur- Death
  48. Prayer
    Lifting up of our hearts and minds to God
  49. What was Jesus's mission?
    Save us from sins
  50. When were the Gospels Completed?
    100 A.D
  51. Heresy
    Denying truths of faith
  52. St. Thomas Aquinas
    Greatest Catholic Theologian
  53. Apostacy
    Denying the whole faith
  54. Where was Jesus born?
  55. What evangelist knew Jesus Personaly?
    St. John and Matthew
  56. Wjat is our greatest Catholic treasure?
  57. Dogma
    Sacred truth that we are called to believe
  58. How many books are in the O.T.? N.T.?
    • O.T- 46
    • N.T- 27
    • total- 73
  59. Mystery
    Never fully understood
  60. What language did Jesus speak?
  61. Who wrote the very first Gospel?
  62. Parables
    stories that teach a moral lesson
  63. How did Jesus refer to God?
  64. Who was the physician amoung the evangelist?
    St. Luke
  65. Why is Mary the new Eve?
    She said Yes to God
  66. What was the first christian symbol?
  67. What does the Church teach about predestion?
    everyone is predestined to go to Heaven
  68. "Destroy this body and in 3 days I will raise it up" refers to
  69. Did jesus ever condemn a sinner?
  70. Is gambling always a sin?
  71. "eucharist" means
  72. Does venial sin break our relationship with God?
  73. What pope began Vatican Council II?
    Pope John XXIII
  74. How do councis recieve their name?
    where they are held
  75. Holy Trinity
    3 divine persons in one God
  76. Are Christians and Jews polytheists?
    No. Monothesisit
  77. How did Mary become our mother?
    at the foot of the cross
  78. Mary's Parents
    Ann and Joachim
  79. perpetual
  80. How is the Blessed Mother a model for our lives?
    • Taught us how to pray
    • Do Gods will over ours
    • How to treat our neighbor
  81. Mary's Perpetual Virginity
    She was a virgin before during and after the Birth of Christ
  82. Visitation
    Mary visited Elizabeth
  83. Annunciation
    Gabriel asked Mary to be the mother of Christ
  84. What is ment by "brothers" and "sisters"?
  85. What did our Blessed Mother say about the Rosery at Fatima?
    Pray the Rosery Daily
  86. Three types of Baptism
    • Water
    • Blood
    • Desire
  87. Difference between Mortal sin and Venial sin
    • M.S- Turns you away from God
    • V.S- Only slightly ruins relationship
  88. What did Our Lady of Fatima say about hell?
    More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh
  89. Cursing
    Callong down of evil
  90. 2 sins against virtue of hope
    Despare and presumtion
  91. Wipes away many sins
  92. 3 Evagelical Councils
    Poverty, Chastity, Obedience
  93. Will Mysteries be understood in heaven?
  94. Origin of all Heresy
  95. How did God comunitcate with Saint Joseph?
  96. what is the "matter" in sacraments?
    What is being used to bring about the sacrament
  97. is Jesus more divine than human?
    • 100% God
    • 100% Human
  98. Joyous Mysteries
    • Annunciation
    • Visitation
    • Nativty
    • Presentation in the Temple
    • Finding in the Temple
  99. Luminous Mysteries
    • Baptism
    • Wedding at Cana
    • Proclamation of the Kingdom
    • Transfiguration
    • Institution of the Eucharist
  100. Sorrowful Mysteries
    • Agony in the garden
    • Scourging at the pillar
    • Crowning of thorns
    • Carrying of the cross
    • Crucifixion
  101. Glorious Mysteries
    • Resurrection
    • Ascention
    • Desent of the Holy Spirt
    • Assumption
    • Crowning
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