API 510 Data Sheets (time intervals)

  1. NDE- Max time an examiner should be in a darkened area prior to using a black light for MT & PT exams
    5 minutes
  2. NDE- final interpretation of a PT exam after application of developer (time range)
    10-60 minutes
  3. NDE- min time to wait for checking for delayed cracking after repairs to SS cladding
    24 hours
  4. NDE- max calibrating interval - MT permanent magnet yoke
  5. NDE- max calibrating interval- RT densitometer
    90 days
  6. Welding- max time a welder or welding operator maintains qualifications for a process without using that process
    6 months
  7. NDE- max interval for a visual examiners eye exam
    1 yr
  8. NDE- max calibrating interval- electromagnetic MT yoke
    1 yr
  9. Insp- max interval- external inspection
    lesser 5 yr of Internal
  10. Insp- Max interval for relief devices in fouling or corrosive service
    5 yr
  11. Insp- max interval for internal or on-stream inspection
    lesser 10 yr or 1/2 life
  12. Insp- max interval for relief devices in non-fouling or non-corrosive service
    10 yrs
  13. RBI- max interval for the RBI reassessment
    10 yrs
  14. Insp- min remaining life required when performing an on-stream inspection in lieu of an internal inspection
    10 yrs
  15. NDE- max calibrating interval- check light intensity of a black light used in a MT or PT exam
    before and after use
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API 510 Data Sheets (time intervals)
API 510 Data Sheets (time intervals)