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  1. cytoplasm
    material between plasma membrane and the nucleus
  2. cytosol
    largely water with dissolved protein, salts,sugars, and other solutes
  3. cytoplasmic organelles
    metabolic machinery of the cell
  4. ininclusions
    metabolite storage and pigments
  5. what is cytoplasm made up of?
    cytosol, cytoplasmic organelles, and inclusions
  6. mitochondria
    • contain their own DNA/RNA
    • provide most of the cell's ATP
  7. ribosomes
    • contain protein and rRNA
    • site of protein synthesis
  8. free ribosomes
    where protein that will stay in the cell are made
  9. membrane bound ribosomes
    where proteins that will go to membrane or leave the cell are made
  10. endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
    Image Upload 1
  11. Rough ER
    • studded with ribosomes
    • assist in making secreted protein and integral membrane proteins
  12. Smooth ER
    • in liver-detoxification of drugs
    • testes- synthesis of steroid-based hormones
    • intestinal cells- absorption,synthesis and transport of fats
    • skeletal and cardiac muscle- storage and release of calcium
  13. Golgi Apparatus
    (pancakes) modifies things that were made in the rough ER
  14. the process in the golgi apparatus
    • transport vessels from ER fuse with the cis face of the golgi apparatus
    • proteins pass through golgi to trans face
    • secretory vesicles leave the trans face of the golgi and move to designated parts in cell
  15. what is the cis face?
    the part of the golgi that is closest to the ER

    "receiving" side of golgi
  16. lysosomes
    spherical membranous bags containing digestive (hydrolytic) enzymes

    they breaks things down
  17. hydrolytic enzyme
    an enzyme that performs hydrolosis
  18. endomembrane system are what?
    • system of organelles that function to:
    • produce, store and export biological molecules
    • degrade potentially harmful substances
  19. what are some of the endomembrane systems?
    nuclear envelope, smooth and rough ER, lysosomes, golgi apparatus, plasma membrane
  20. peroxisomes
    • membranous sacs contaning oxidases and catalases
    • detoxify harmful or toxic substances
    • neutralize dangerous radicals
  21. free radicals
    highly reactive chemicals with unpaired electrons

    they attack proteins, DNA, lipids/ they can modify DNa and cause mutations
  22. cytoskeleton
    dynamic elaborate series of rods running through the cytosol

    consist of microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments
  23. tImage Upload 2
  24. Image Upload 3
    intermidiate filament
  25. Image Upload 4
  26. what are motor molecules fiel by?
  27. centrioles
    9 triplet microtubules

    they form the base of flagella
  28. centrosome
    small barre shaped organelles located near the nucleus
  29. what grabs the chromosomes in miosis?
    motor molecules
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