Test 1 Quarter 1

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  1. abandonment of faith
  2. movement to restore the Church's unity
  3. denial of essential truths
  4. teaching authority of the Church
  5. a rift in unity
  6. a concrete, outward, visible sign that is representative of itself
  7. St augustine said that the holy spirit is the ___ of the Church, making it his dwelling place
  8. The image of the CHurch as the _____ of GOd is rooted in the pre-Christian era of God's covenant with Israel
    People of God
  9. What are the three realities to which "church" refers today?
    • Catholics who come together at the liturgy
    • The local parish community
    • universal community of believers
  10. What is the Church's four part mission
    • share the message
    • live in community
    • serve others
    • worship the lord
  11. What did god wish to show by making a covenant with the Israelites as a group rather than simply with an individual
    God showed that he wished to sanctify and save not only individuals but all of his chosen people
  12. What three crucial things does the Holy Spirit do for the Church
    The spirit's presence builds up the Church by uniting believers to the saviour Lord Jesus, The spirit sanctifies its members and gives gifts to the various disciples.
  13. What are the images of the Church
    • People of God
    • Body of Christ
    • Temple of the Holy Spirit
    • Herald
    • Servant
    • Instituiton
  14. What was jesus charged with
    Jesus was charged with sedition, claiming to start a rebellion
  15. Who wrote the acts of the apostles?
    The author of the gospel of luke, Luke
  16. Who was the first martyr
    Sait Stephen
  17. Why was the coucil of jerusalem called?
    The problem was whether Gentils have to follow Jewish law or not. It was decided that they did not
  18. Who are apologists
    Apologists wrote to convince non Christians of the goodness of God. They played a role of converting early christians.
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