Social Studies test 2

  1. Comparte Sparta and Athens 

    • Athens             Both         Sparta
    • -trial by jury    -slaves      -girls went to school
    • -direct democracy - Greek  -married for love
    • -boys learned    -polytheistic - oligarchy
    • more then girls
  2. Which WAS a legacy?

    C) education
  3. Why was the legacy education important?
    They wouldn't learn anything so these days could keep going.
  4. Why was math and science important?
    • Math- Some of the math we use was theirs before
    • Science- They wouldn't have know about the earth and space
  5. Who invented medicine and doctors and why was this important?
    • Hippocrates
    • Many people would be sick right now and many more dying and died
  6. Why was Literature important?
    They wouldn't have gotten out of the dark ages.
  7. Was language a legacy? If so why was it important?
    • Yes
    • Some of our language from theirs
  8. Was dictatorship a legacy? If so why was it important?
  9. Why was the legacy democracy important?
    We would have a different and probably worse government right now.
  10. Why was the alphabet so important to us?
    We use some of their alphabet and we wouldn't know as much about history if the people couldn't write
  11. Why was the legacy trial by jury important?
    Today the jury wouldn't be deciding who was inocent
  12. Define Monarchy
    form of government in which the ruling power is in the hands of a single person. Ruled by a king
  13. Define Oligarchy
    form of government in which the ruling power is in the hands of a few leaders
  14. Define Dictatorship
    1 person rules, harsh leader, form of government
  15. Define Democracy
    form of government, ruling power is in the hands of all people
  16. Define Philosopher
    Someone who studies basic ideas about knowledge
  17. Define Polis
    tiny, independent country
  18. Define hoplites
    citizen soldiers
  19. Define Parthenon
    temple built in honor of Athena
  20. Define polytheistic
    belief in many gods
  21. Define monotheistic
    belief in one god
  22. Is Athens or Sparta Oligarchy
    Sparta, Athens had a direct democracy
  23. Why did people create government
    To create order and balence among the people and to have someone or some people to decided on decisions
  24. Who was Pericles? His accomplishments?
    • -leader of Athens during the golden ages
    • -helped Athens dominate the Delian league
  25. Who was Hippocrates? His accomplishments?
    • -he created medicine said illness was from natural causes
    • -invented medicine
  26. Who was Homer? His accomplishments?
    • -wrote the poems Iliad, Odyssey
    • -told poems that some people believe are real history
  27. Who was Socrates? His accomplishments?
    • -Athens great philosopher and teacher 
    • -invented the socratic method of teaching still used today
  28. Order them...

    • D)
    • A
    • E
    • D
    • C
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