Windows Server 2008 Ch5

  1. What system is used to translate to an IP address?
  2. What file is used to translate host names to IP addresses?
    hosts file
  3. Which resource record used in DNS translates
    • host names to IP addresses?
    • A
  4. Which DNS resource records translate IP
    • addresses to a host name?
    • PTR
  5. Which DNS resource record is used to locate a
    • domain controller?
    • SRV
  6. What legacy naming service is used to translate computer names to IP addresses?
  7. What technology automatically assigns IP addresses to clients?
  8. What protocol is used to query and modify data contained within a structure that reflect geographical or organizational structure?
  9. What Windows server attached to a domain is not a domain controller?

    B) member server
  10. Which FSMO role is the master time server and password keeper?
    PDC Emulator
  11. What service replicates information of every
    • object in a tree and forest so that you can quickly find those objects?
    • global catalog
  12. What do you use to organize your users,
    • computers, and other network resources within a domain?
    • organizational units
  13. What is the best way to give managers a way to change passwords for the users they manage?
    Use the Delegate Authority Wizard
  14. To which type of group would you assign rights and permissions?
    security group
  15. Which type of group can contain any user or
    • group in any domain and can be assigned to any resource in any domain?
    • universal group
  16. What authorizes a user to perform a certain
    action on a computer?

    C) user rights
  17. ___________ is the primary authentication protocol used in Active Directory.
  18. A ________ is a logical unit of computers and
    • network resources that define a security boundary.
    • domain
  19. A __________ is a Windows server that stores the Active Directory database.
    domain controller
  20. What do you call one or more trees with disjointed namespaces?
  21. What do you call one or more IP subnets that are connected by a high-speed link?
  22. What do you need to do with your forests and domains so that you can use all available features?
    Upgrade to the highest domain and forest functional levels.

    • The functional level of a domain or forest depends on which
    • Windows Server operating system versions are running on the domain controllers
    • in that domain or forest. The functional level also controls which advanced
    • features are available in the domain or forest. To get all the features
    • available with Active Directory, you must have the latest version of the
    • Windows Server operating system, and you have to use the highest forest and
    • domain functional level.
  23. What technology is used to standardize the Windows environment on all client computers?
    group policies
  24. The file that is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses is
  25. The resource record used in DNS to resolve IP address to hostnames is______.
  26. The _____ automatically assigns IP addresses and other IP configuration toa host.
  27. _____is a popular directory service with objects in a logical hierarchicalmanner.
  28. The _____are roles that provide certain functions that can only be handled by one domain controller.
  29. A(n) _____ is used to organize the objects within a domain.
  30. Printers, users, and computers are examples of _____ in Active Directory.
  31. The local security database found on a member server is known as the _____.
  32. A collection or list of users is known as _____.
  33. The _____ built-in group is used to create, delete, and modify user accounts and groups.
    account operators
  34. The primary naming service used in Windows is ____________.

    D. DNS
  35. What is the resource record that translates from hostname to IP address in DNS:

    C. A
  36. _______ is a legacy naming system used to translate Computer Names/NetBIOS names to IP addresses.

    B. WINS
  37. What is the master time server?

    C. PDC Emulator
  38. What holds replica information of every object in a tree and forest?

    A. Global Catalog
  39. Which group scope is meant to be used to assign permissions to a local resource?

    C. Domain local
  40. Which group scope can contain global groups from multiple domains?

    A. Universal
  41. What can be used to specify how many times a user can enter a login with an incorrect password before the account is disabled?

    D. Group policy
  42. To which of the following can a group policy not be directly applied?

    A. Group
  43. What authorizes a user to perform certain actions on a computer?

    C. Right
  44. A collection is two or more trees.

    True or False
  45. A site and domain controllers are the physical aspects of the network.

    True or False
  46. A member server is running Active Directory domain services.

    True or False
  47. Higher domain and forest functional levels will enhance the functionality of Active Directory.

    True or False
  48. Active Directory is closely tied to DNS.

    True or False
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