A&P Lab Test (2)

  1. rotation
    movement of part around its long axis
  2. medial (internal)
    inward rotation
  3. Lateral (external)
    outward rotation
  4. pronation
    Rotation of foreman and palm of hand posteriorly or downward
  5. supination
    rotation of forearm and palm of hand anteriorly or upward
  6. inversion (called supination in some health professions)
    medial movement or sole of foot at ankle joint
  7. Eversion (called pronation in some health professions)
    lateral movement of sole of foot at ankle joint
  8. dorsiflexion
    Movement of ankle joint so dorsum (superior) of foot becomes closer to anterior surface of leg (as standing on heels)
  9. circumduction
    Circular movement (combine flexion, abduction, extension, and adduction)
  10. Gliding
    Back and forth and side to side sliding movements of plane joints
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A&P Lab Test (2)
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