Dermal Armor and Baleen

  1. baleen
    - found where
    - function
    exclusively in baleen whales

    filter feeding
  2. baleen
    • Series of slightly elastic plates of keratin that arise from oral epithelium of the upper jaw of Baleen Whales
    • Plates are double sided
    • --> smooth edge facing outward
    • --> frayed and rough edge in between plates facing inward
    • --> Vary in size depending on species of whale
  3. Dental armor

    - function
    Protection without decreasing flexibility or mobility by using collagen to hold mineralized units together
  4. dermal armor in fish
    • Scales held together by 2 layers of Collagen
    • --> Soft internal layer
    • --> Dense mineralized external layer

    • A third layer is created from the overlapping of scales creating a triple layered defense barrier to predators
    • Arapaima & Alligator Gar
  5. dermal armor in mammals
    Osteoderm: Found in Armadillo Family

    Bony Skin composed of a triple layered structure of Dense Bone surrounding Porous Bone shaped into tiles

    Tiles held together by Non-Mineralized collagen fibers called Sharpey’s Fibers

    Structure allows for low density armor that has high energy absorption
  6. dermal armor in reptiles
    Osteoderm present in Crocodiles and Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins)

    Carapace & Plastron

    • --> Joining of osteoderm plates to create shell
    • --> Ridges created at sutures holding plates together
    • --> Scutes: layers of keratin that grow off of plates of the shell to protect it
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