Generation Y

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  1. Generation Y makes up how many people in the US?
    • over 70 million AND
    • they make up over 20% of today’s population
  2. Those born between ______ and _____ make up Generation Y
    1977 and 1994
  3. What type of impact with Generation Y have
    Social and Economic
  4. What are three major characteristics of the Millennial group:
    • They racially and ethnically diverse
    • Extremely independent
    • They feel empowered
  5. Unlike Generation X that came before them, how do you define the parents of Generation Y
    Parents are involved in the daily lives and decisions of Gen Y and more hands-on
  6. ____ out of ______teenagers are on-line.
    • Three
    • four
  7. What % of teenagers between 15-17 are computer users.
  8. Generation Y Cons are:
    • Impatient
    • Skeptical
    • Blunt and expressive-Self expression is favored over self control. 
    • Still young
    • Image-Driven- Making personal statements with their image is very important
  9. Generation Y Pros
    Tolerant: make the increasingly diverse workforce feel at home and comfortable. 

    Adaptability: being comfortable in various situations 

    Technologically savvy

    Ability to grasp new concepts

    Efficient multi-taskers: do it faster and better than their competition.
  10. What percentage of women, men and full-time students attend college
    64% of women and 60% of men and 85% attend full-time
  11. What ethnic group of women are the most highly educated of the Gen Y’ers
    • Asian-American
    • 56% have college experience and 16% have a bachelor’s degree
  12. What are a few themes of the Millennial labor force?
    • They do not plan on being at the same location for an extended period of time.
    • They want to be at the top of the chain right away 
    • Being competitive with themselves and others is in their nature
  13. Generation Y is expected to get along better with Baby Boomers or Generation X
    Baby Boomers
  14. What is one of the major obstacles between members of Generation X and Y.
    The feeling of "I had to work to get here, why don’t they?
  15. What percentage of women and men belong to unions
    • 6% men
    • 4% women
  16. Union membership has decreased drastically over the past 30 year
    the economy rewards employers that have more flexible workers
  17. Top 5 general web sites visited:
    • CNN
    • MTV
    • KaZaA
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