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  1. I/O Psychology is a branch of psychology that _____ in the workplace.
    Applies the principles of psychology to the workplace
  2. The courts have clearly ruled that a customer's satisfaction and/or preference ________ used to determine if a job requirement is a BFOQ.
    Doesn’t matter
  3. _______ means a particular employment decision results in negative consequences more often for members of one protected group than for another.
    Adverse impact
  4. Which of the following was NOT a reason why you should understand research and statistics?
    Why we should:  Answering questions and making decisions We encounter research every day Common sense is often wrong
  5. The variable that we expect to change as a result of our manipulation is called the:
    dependent variable
  6. Psychologists in the area of _______ concentrate on workplace design, man-machine interaction, and physical fatigue.
    Human factors
  7. A(n) _____ is an educated prediction or well thought-out suggestions or ideas about the answer to a research question.
  8. I/O psychologists who are involved in ________ study and practice in such areas as employee selection, job analysis, and job evaluation.
    Personnel psych
  9. Psychologists involved in _______ study leadership, job satisfaction, and employee motivation.
    Organizational psych
  10. For adverse impact to have practical significance, the minority selection ratio must be less than ____ percent of the majority selection ratio.
  11. Conducting a literature review means:
    written sources
  12. With respect to validity considerations; what field research gains in _______, laboratory research gains in _______.
    External validity, internal validity
  13. Researchers at IBM think that employees who get to chose their own working hours will be more satisfied than those who do not. To test this idea, IBM employees at the Dallas facility are told that they can chose their own hours. Six months later, the satisfaction level of employees in the Dallas facility is compared to employees in the Knoxville facility. The employees in the Knoxville facility are considered the:
    control group
  14. Which of the following research methods can determine a cause and effect relationship?
  15. Even though they lack the criteria or characteristics of experiments, ____ are used due to ____ concerns.
    Quasi-experiments, ethical
  16. If I went through my employee files to determine what type of person makes the best employee, I would probably be using which research method:
    case study
  17. A supervisor offering a promotion in exchange for sex would fall under the ______ form of sexual harassment.
    Quid pro quo
  18. A large research sample is nice to have; however, it may not be necessary if the experimenter can choose a ______ sample (i.e., a sample in which every member of the relevant population had an equal chance of being chosen to participate in the study) and control for many of the ______ variables (i.e., other possible causes that can often explain the relationship between two other variables).
    Random, extraneous/intervening
  19. Which of the following represents the strongest correlation?
    Closet to +/- 1
  20. AT&G does not have any female employees. Ann Smith applied for a job as a machine operator. Though she did not obtain the minimum score of 40 on the machine operator test, AT&G plans to hire her as part of their new affirmative action plan. There are 10 men who passed the test who did not get hired. Is this legal?
  21. A researcher finds a strong correlation between job satisfaction and performance. What can he conclude from this correlation?
    Satisfaction and job performance are related
  22. The gathering, analyzing, and structuring of information about a job’s components, characteristics, and requirements is a process called:
    Job analysis
  23. Job analysis can serve as a foundation for:
    effective work environment
  24. The _______ is the process of determining the work activities and requirements, and the _______ is the brief written summary of the tasks and job requirements.
    Job analysis, job description
  25. Which of the following practical uses and importance of a job analysis allows for an analysis to be done at the organizational level?
    Organizational approach
  26. A job analysis can be conducted by:
    • Internal dept.
    • Internal task force Supervisors
    • Employees
    • Consultants
    • Interns/class projects
  27. The ______ protects against unreasonable search and seizure.
    4th amendment
  28. Once task statements have been written, the next step is to:
    rate task statement
  29. One important piece of information that is obtained from a job analysis is ________ information which enables professionals to categorize jobs into groups based on similarities in requirements and duties.
    Job classification
  30. ___________ information from a job analysis can be used to determine the worth of a job.
    Job evaluation
  31. After all the data have been collected, the results are then:
  32. The probability level of statistical significance that we use is:
  33. ___________ information from a job analysis can be used to determine worker mobility.
    Person power planning
  34. The first step in conducting a job analysis is to:
    ID tasks performed
  35. _________ are personal factors and tangible factors deemed necessary to perform tasks.
    Other factors
  36. _______ is a technique that allows results from several different research studies to be combined and summarized.
  37. A ________ sample is a nonrandom research sample that is used because it is easily available.
  38. _________ is a body of information needed to perform a task.
  39. _________ is a basic capacity for performing a wide range of different tasks, acquiring a knowledge, or developing a skill.
  40. _________ is the proficiency to perform a learned task.
  41. Research shows which scale is necessary to rate task statements?
    Either frequency or importance
  42. ________ is a required element to a task statement.
    • Where the task is done
    • How it is done  
    • Why is it done
    • When is it done
  43. The first step in the legal process is for some legislative body to:
    pass a law
  44. If a law is passed at the federal level, states may pass laws that _____ the rights granted in the federal law, states may not pass laws that will _____ the rights granted in the federal law.
    Expand / diminish
  45. When the courts make a decision, the decision becomes:
    case law
  46. If a researcher calculated a correlation coefficient of r = 1.27 between two variables, you would conclude that there is a(n):
    error was made
  47. The use of correlational analysis does not allow you to infer a cause and effect relationship. This is because a third variable, a(n) ______ variable, often accounts for the relationship between the two variables.
  48. _______ is a technique that allows results from several different research studies to be combined and summarized.
  49. _______ is a judicial interpretation of a law and is important because it establishes a precedent for future cases.
    Case law
  50. Which of the following research methods uses previously collected company records?
    Archival research
  51. Based on the Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1964, and 1991 as well as the 14th Amendment, it is illegal to discriminate against a person based on race. According to Congress, all of the following are protected races except:
  52. The statistical significance of research results tell us the probability that:
    numerical indication of magnitude and direction of the relationship between 2 variables; represents how closely and in what way 2 variable correlate [change together]
  53. In the 1989 case of Walker v. Secretary of the Treasury, a district court found that a darker skinned black illegally fired a lighter skinned black employee. Which of the following protected classes were at issue in this case?
    Race or color
  54. The main difference between a quasi-experiment and an experiment is that the independent variable:
    is not manipulated
  55. It is illegal to use an individual's religion in an employment decision unless the nature of the job involves:
    Bona Fide Occupational Qualification
  56. In an experiment designed to test the effect of noise on employee performance, noise is the ______ and employee performance is the ______.
    Independent variable , dependent variable
  57. In determining if an employment decision is legal, the first question to ask is "does the employment practice directly refer to a member of a federally protected class? Which of the following is NOT a federally protected class?
    Sexual preference
  58. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids an employer from discriminating against an individual over the age of:
  59. Which of the following is not an important factor in filing a complaint of age discrimination?
    • Over the age of 40
    • Has been discharged or demoted
    • Was performing the job adequately at the time of discharge or demotion
    • Has been replaced by a younger worker, person replacing is over 40
  60. Manipulating the _____ best distinguishes experimental research methods from other research methods.
    Independent variable
  61. If a job can only be performed by a person in a particular class, the requirement is considered:
  62. Based on the material presented in your text, which of the following is NOT an exception to the requirement of determining that an employment practice is job related?
    All 3 are
  63. The variable that is manipulated in an experiment is the ________ variable.
  64. In a quid pro quo case of sexual harassment, ____ sexual advance(s) must have been made.
  65. Asking a coworker out on a date is sexual harassment if:
    it is unwanted
  66. To ensure that subjects are participating in a study of their own free will, researchers must obtain :
    informed consent
  67. Organizations have affirmative action plans for one of four reasons. Which of the following is NOT one of the four reasons?
    Labor Union agreement
  68. Allowing employees to _________ removes the right of the organization to search the lockers.
    Put locks
  69. In order for a case of discrimination to be investigated by the EEOC, the complaint must be filed within _____ days of the discriminatory act in nondeferral states.
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