MKT Ch. 7

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  1. Some companies are using social media listening tools to determine... to include in newsletters and videos.
    strategic topics
  2. A measure of a Web site’s effectiveness
  3. Formula for stickiness.
    Frequency x Duration x Site Reach
  4. Loyal customers are more profitable than... customers with little...
    price-sensitive, brand loyalty
  5. Long-term relationships build...
    competitive advantage.
  6. Alliances succeed with... and...
    commitment, trust
  7. Keiretsu relationships are highly...
  8. 4 types of business customers. (PRGI)
    • 1. Producers
    • 2. Resellers
    • 3. Governments
    • 4. Institutions
  9. A detailed numbering system developed by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to classify North American business establishments by their main production processes.
    North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
  10. The data from NAICS can be used to determine... (NMSN)
    • 1. Number, size, and geographic dispersion of firms
    • 2. Market potential/market share estimates
    • 3. Sales forecasts
    • 4. New customer identification
  11. A valuable tool for marketers in analyzing, segmenting, and targeting markets.
  12. When demand for business products results from demand for consumer products.
    Derived demand
  13. When a change in price will not significantly affect the demand for product.
    Inelastic demand
  14. When multiple items are used together in final products and the demand for one item affects all.
    Joint demand
  15. Demand for business products is more volatile than for consumer products.
    Fluctuating demand
  16. 5 aspects of buying behavior. (BBEBC)
    • 1. Business Ethics
    • 2. Buying Situations
    • 3. Evaluative Criteria
    • 4. Buying Centers
    • 5. Customer Service
  17. All those people in an organization who become involved in the purchase decision.
    Buying center
  18. Regarding buying centers, the number of people involved varies with each...
    purchase decision.
  19. Buying centers do not appear on... charts
    formal organization
  20. 6 roles in buying centers. (IIGDPU)
    • 1. Initiator 
    • 2. Influencers 
    • 3. Gatekeepers
    • 4. Decider 
    • 5. Purchaser 
    • 6. Users
  21. 3 evaluative criteria for buying centers. (QSP)
    • 1. Quality
    • 2. Service
    • 3. Price
  22. A situation requiring the purchase of a product for the first time.
    New buy
  23. A situation where the purchaser wants some change in the original good or service.
    Modified rebuy
  24. A situation in which the purchaser reorders the same goods or services without looking for new information or investigating other suppliers.
    Straight rebuy
  25. Customers are divided into groups based on their...
  26. Customer service creates policies that govern how... among groups.
    service will be allocated
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