1. Divine Intelligence now works in me and my life and affairs, to will, and to do, whatever is for my highest good.
    AND, Divine Intelligence CANNOT fail!
  2. I am now open and receptive to the rich divine ideas that now perfectly initiate and sustain my business affairs.
    Nothing can defeat me!  I give thanks for the perfect, immediate, right results.  I rejoice that I am now successful in all my ways.
  3. I am a child of a rich universe, a child of God and a child of fortune.
    Every thing and every body prospers me now and I prosper every thing and every body now.
  4. Divine love, expressing through me now, draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete.
    This, or something better, Father.  Thy supreme good will be done.
  5. I am not discouraged.  I am persistent!  I go forward!  I am determined to achieve success in God's own wonderful way for me.
    I stir up the gifts of God within me and around me, and I am blessed on every hand with happiness, success and true achievement.
  6. God is the source of all  my supply!  I am a rich child of a loving Father.  I now accept and claim his rich good for me in every phase of my life.
    My own God-given success in the form of rich ideas and rich results now appears.
  7. I am an irresistible magnet with the power to attract unto myself everything that I divinely desire according to the thoughts, feelings and mental pictures I constantly entertain and radiate.
  8. I am the center of my universe.  I have the power to create whatever I wish.  I attract whatever I radiate.  I attract whatever I mentally choose and accept.  I begin choosing and mentally accepting the highest and best in life.
    I now choose to accept health, success and happiness.  I now choose lavish abundance for myself and for all  mankind.
  9. This is a rich, friendly universe and I dare to accept its riches, its hospitality and to enjoy them now.
    I now let go of worn out things, worn out conditions and worn out relationships.  Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.
  10. My money starts growing now.  My earnings grow exponentially.  Money, money, money, manifest thyself here and now in rich abundance.
    My financial income cannot be limited now.  The rich substance of the universe now frees me from all financial limitation.
  11. All financial doors are open, all financial channels are free and endless bounty now comes to me.
    No person, thing or event can keep that from me which the universe has for me now.
  12. I dissolve in my own mind and in the minds of others any idea that my own can be withheld from me.
    I dare to prosper.
  13. I now open my mind to prosperity.  I turn the great energy of my thinking to ideas of plenty.
    I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by me.
  14. I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity.  God is the source of my supply, so I now put God first financially.  I tithe my way to prosperity.  The voluntary faithful tithing of my whole income now operates the law of ever-increasing prosperity for me.
    Yes, I now tithe my way to peace, health, prosperity and plenty!
  15. This is God's day, a good day.  I pronounce this day and all of its activities good!  My own right and perfect work awaits me this day.  I demonstrate my right work now.
    As I lie down to peacefully sleep, I thank God for my successful day.  I rest easily, knowing that divine intelligence is renewing my mind and body and preparing me for an even more successful day tomorrow.
  16. Divine Intelligence, what positive, constructive, creative thought, word, attitude or action is my next step to improve my present work?
    What is the next step into the abundance, satisfaction and freedom that is mine by divine right?
  17. Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee and light shall shine upon thy way.  Job 22:28
    There is no criticism in me, for me or against me.  The supreme law of good is now in charge of my life and divine harmony now reigns supreme in me and in my world.
  18. I am now shown new, better, higher ways of living and new methods of work.  I am not confined to the ways and methods of the past.
    I experience my perfect work in the perfect way, which now renders me perfect satisfaction and perfect pay.
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