SAT List 10

  1. adorn
  2. dupe
    to trick, deceive
  3. deferential
    humble submission and respect
  4. paramount
    more important than anything else
  5. banal
    boring, lacking originality
  6. penchant
    a tendency to do something
  7. acumen
    sharpness, good judgement
  8. tact
    sensitivity in dealing with difficult situations
  9. novel
    new and unfamiliar
  10. succint
    brief and clear
  11. irascible
    easily made angry
  12. frugality
    being cheap or thrifty
  13. soporific
    causing sleep
  14. appropriate
    to take
  15. languor
    tiredness, laziness
  16. tout
    to attempt to persuade or convince
  17. idiosyncratic
    a behavior or thought particular to someone
  18. plethora
    a lot of
  19. slander
    to make a false statement to damage one's reputation, libel
  20. evenhanded
    fair and impartial
  21. decorum
    proper behavior and etiquette
  22. idyllic
    extremely happy and peaceful
  23. trite
    lacking originality and freshness
  24. platitude
    statement used too often to be useful
  25. repudiate
    deny the truth or validity of, to go against
  26. mendacity
  27. exuberant
    filled with energy and excitement
  28. serene
    calm, peaceful
  29. misanthropy
    a dislike of humankind
  30. conspicuous
    stanging out as to be clearly visible
  31. empathy
    to understand and share others' feelings
  32. rectitude
    morally proper behavior or thinking
  33. nonplussed
    to be so surprised that you dont know how to act
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