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  1. What is the ASR-9 primary and secondary target tolerance?
    • Primary targets 60 miles
    • Secondary targets 200 miles
  2. What is the RPM for ASR-9?
    12.5 RPM
  3. What are the 3 video maps to have on the ASR-9 scope?
    • 1.  Runway
    • 2.  Airspace
    • 3.  MVA
  4. What does S.T.A.R.S. stand for?
    Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
  5. What is the runway glidepath angle for PAR?
    3.0 degrees
  6. On an ASR approach what is the MAP for all the runways?
    3/4 mile
  7. For runways 14 and 22, what is the altitudes and location of the step down procedure on ASR approaches?
    • RY14-680ft at 2 miles
    • RY22-800ft at 3 miles
  8. On an ASR approach to RY04 and RY32, what is the mileage altitudes?
    • 4nm-1600
    • 3nm-1220
    • 2nm-820
  9. On an ASR approach to RY14, what is the mileage altitudes?
    • 5nm-1680
    • 4nm-1340
    • 3nm-1020
    • 2nm-680
  10. On an ASR approach to RY22, what is the mileage altitudes?
    • 5nm-1600
    • 4nm-1200
    • 3nm-800
  11. When an a/c reaches MAP what instruction do you issue to the pilot?
    Instruct pilot to "proceed visually" (if runway is in sight, or to "execute missed approach, as appropriate.
  12. An ILS/RNAV approaches shall be monitor using PAR equipment when the equipment is aligned and operational under what conditions?
    • 1. at night
    • 2. pilot request
    • 3. weather IMC
  13. When shall a "wheels should be down" check be given?
    before a/c begins final descent.
  14. When do you make the "do not acknowledge further transmissions" call?
    After contact has been established with RFC and on the final approach course.
  15. Glidepath and course information provided after an a/c passes DH are ________ in nature.
  16. Trend information may be modified by using what two terms as appropriate?
    "rapidly" or "slowly"
  17. Lower safety limits exceeded phraseology.
    "low altitude alert, check your altitude immediately, minimum vectoring altitude in you area is 2000"
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