N358 Ch 18

  1. What disorder is characterized by recurrent panic attacks, the onset of which is unpredictable, and manifested by intense apprehension, fear, or terror, often associated with feelings of impending doom and accompanied by intense physical discomfort?
    panic disorder
  2. What disorder is characterized by persistent, unrealistic, and excessive anxiety and worry, which have occurred more days than not for at least 6 months?
    generalized anxiety disorder
  3. What disorder is characterized by an excessive fear of situations in which a person might do something embarrassing or be evaluated negatively by others?
    social anxiety disorder
  4. What is the term for when a client is gradually exposed to the phobic stimulus, either in a real or imagined situation?
    systematic desensitization
  5. What is the term for a therapeutic process in which the client must imagine situations or participate in real-life situations that he or she finds extremely frightening for a prolonged period of time?
    implosion therapy (flooding)
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