IV injection and Blood collection

  1. why are iv injections use?
    • rapid absorption of medication, fluids
    • administering medication if to caustic for IM or SQ tissue
  2. Possible problems with IV injections?
    • Needle passing through
    • collapsing vein (work to fast)
    • Hematoma (injecting to fast, wiggling, unsteady hand)
  3. Most common vein used for IV on cats and dogs?
  4. steps for prepping a cephalic vein
    • assemble syringe (loosen cap)
    • wet cotton ball w/ alcohol
    • shave hair is needed
    • place animal in restraint
    • wipe area
  5. what does the restrainer do to the vein when doing blood draws on the cephalic leg? injection?
    • roll and hold off vein
    • release pressure when administer tells you too
  6. Steps to findingĀ and inserting the needle for a cephalic draw:
    • 1) palpate vein and visualise
    • 2)grab syring and place other hand thumb by vessel
    • 3)insert needle lower then sweet spot
    • 4)insert as flat as possible (cephalic vein is superficial)
    • 5) thread needle in all the way to the hub if possible
  7. How to ensure your in the vein:
    • Aspirate (if blood you're in)
    • roll thumb over to hold steady
  8. If you do not aspirate blood what do you do?
    • Move needle out (without going all the way out!)
    • visualise
    • redirect
  9. How should you move your needle under the skin?
    • up or down motion
    • then try left and right
  10. After syringe is fill what do you do next (before pulling out)
    • use aspirating hand to get cotton ball and place over injection sight
    • withdrawl needle
    • keep pressure until bleeding stops
  11. If you have a blood sample how do you transfer the blood to the collection container?
    remove needle and shoot (slowly) into container
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