SAT List 7

  1. precipitous
  2. ameliorate
    to make better
  3. renown
    well known, famed
  4. inquiry
    a question
  5. solicitous
    showing interest or concern
  6. credulity
    a tendency to believe something is true
  7. remonstrate
    to forcefully protest
  8. extraneous
    irrelevant or unrelated to the subject at hand
  9. paradox
    a contradictory situation
  10. prolific
    producing a great deal of
  11. inscrutable
    impossible to understand
  12. arbitrary
    based on random choice or whim, not on reason
  13. contentious
    likely to cause an argument
  14. condone
    to accept or allow
  15. lucid
    easy to understand
  16. intrepid
    fearless, adventurous
  17. peripheral
    of secondary or minor importance
  18. moribund
    at the point of death
  19. base
    without moral principles
  20. pervasive
    very common
  21. heresy
    opinion that goes against what is generally accepted
  22. affluence
    having great wealth
  23. palpable
    able to be touched or felt
  24. remorse
    deep regret or guilt
  25. florid
    red or flushed complexion, or excessively intricate
  26. pedestrian
    dull, average
  27. stark
  28. obsolete
    out of date
  29. hyperbole
  30. sagacity
    having good judgement and wisdom
  31. prescient
    knowing the future
  32. superfluous
    extra, unnecessary
  33. portentous
  34. compunction
    a feeling of guilt
  35. despondent
    total loss of hope
  36. provocative
    causing a strong reaction
  37. inimical
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SAT List 7
SAT List 7