science glossary terms

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  1. ecosystem
    an environment that is full of organisms That interact with each other
  2. sustainable ecosystem
    an environment that is able to make use of things available to it at the moment while keeping them available for future inhabitants
  3. biotic
    Living organism in an ecosystem
  4. abiotic
    non-living parts of an ecosystem
  5. lithosphere
    hard outer shell of the earth
  6. hydrosphere
    water component of the earth
  7. atmosphere
    air and gas component of the earth
  8. biosphere
    the living parts of the earth
  9. nutrients
    parts of a food that an organism needs to survive and grow
  10. eutrophication
    too much nutrients in an environment
  11. photosynthesis
    The process in which plants use carbon dioxide and sunlight and transform it into oxygen and glucose
  12. trophic level
    were an organism sits in the food chain
  13. biomass
    the mass of livingĀ  organism in a certain area
  14. trophic efficiency
    how much energy is moved on from one trophic level to the next
  15. bio accumulation
    Taking in more of one thing than let out especially toxins
  16. bio magnification
    the increasing of concentration as a material moves from one trophic level to the next
  17. cellular respiration
    releasing energy from molecules especially carbohydrates with the presence of oxygen
  18. fermentation
    releasing energy from molecules especially carbohydrates without the presence of oxygen
  19. greenhouse gases
    Gases in the atmosphere that hold heat that would have otherwise escaped
  20. greenhouse effect
    the heating up of the earth because of the green house gases
  21. acid precipitation
    fog snow or rain that are unnaturally acidic because they were mixed with acid when they were in the atmosphere
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