W430 Chapter 4 exam 1

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  1. types of changeĀ  in an organization
    • Random or haphazard changes- these are force on organization by external environment
    • planned change- deliberate attempts to modify organization
  2. OD practitioner is an internal or external best?
    • Team is the best
    • partners bring complementary resources
    • provides support to one another
    • achieve greater continuity over OD programs
    • team combines advantages of both will minimizing disadvantages
  3. 5 practitioner styles
    • cheerleader- high moral not as big on performance
    • analyzer- high on performance, low on moral
    • stabilizer- less effective
    • pathfinder- high in both
    • persuader- is the best
  4. is a organization ready for change
    • decide if change is needed. 4 questions
    • 1 learning goals of OD apprapriate
    • 2 cultural state of client ready for OD
    • 3 Key people involved
    • 4 members prepared and oriented to OD
  5. what is an intervention
    coming between member of organization for purpose of change
  6. who is the client
    • very critical question. you need to define who you are trying to help
    • your goal is to try and make them more independent
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