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  1. What provides a systematic and efficient method for gathering, analyzing, and maintaining information on the quality characteristics of products, the source and nature of defects, and their immediate impact on the current operation? (Page 7-1)
  2. What must be achieved before benefits can be obtained from QA? (Page 7-1)
  3. What is the examination and testing of supplies and services that include raw materials, components, and intermediate assemblies, to determine whether they conform to specific requirements? (Page 7-2)
  4. What, as it applies to QA, is a periodic or special evaluation of details, plans, policies, procedures, products, directives, and records? (Page 7-2)
  5. What, as it applies to QA, is an ongoing review of application of details, plans, policies, practices, procedures, products, directives, and records? (Page 7-2)
  6. Completed FCF checklists shall be retained in the aircraft history files for a minimum of how long, or one phase cycle, whichever is greater? (Page 7-3)
    6 Months
  7. Deviation to allow the OINC of a detachment to designate QA personnel is authorized, provided the deployment period is in excess of how many days? (Page 7-4)
  8. What are provided for certain maintenance tasks that, if improperly performed, could cause equipment failure or jeopardize the safety of personnel? (Page 7-5)
    QA MRCs
  9. The personnel assigned QA duties in O-level and I-level activities are known as CDIs, CDQARs, and what? (Page 7-6)
  10. QA stamps are not required at what-level activities? (Page 7-8)
  11. A QA stamp may not be reassigned within a period of how long? (Page 7-8)
    3 months
  12. Only a D-level QA Specialist shall accomplish what verifications? (Page 7-9)
    Type I
  13. Artisans assigned TAD to I-level activities shall receive NALCOMIS training from the activity's what? (Page 7-9)
    DBA Supervisor
  14. QARs shall Review and investigate hazard reports, per what instruction, received from other activities which may apply to the unit? (Page 7-9)
    OPNAVINST 3750.6
  15. What shall establish minimum qualifications for personnel selected for CDI? (Page 7-11)
  16. Who perform, administer, monitor, and review processes and practices to ensure the quality of maintenance performed for the DOD? (Page 7-12)
    QA Specialists
  17. Prior to implementation of the AI process in a production work center, who shall ensure an assessment of the product line or work posture, work center audit results, and certification is accomplished? (Page 7-13)
    Director of Quality
  18. On what basis, a working-level forum shall be held by the area QA Specialist with the AIs to evaluate program performance, monitoring results and improvement opportunities? (Page 7-13)
  19. What provides a central source of up-to-date information for the use of all personnel in the performance of their work, and it is an excellent source of reference information to facilitate personnel training and individual improvement? (Page 7-14)
    Central Technical Publications Library (CTPL)
  20. What central repository is the authoritative source for CTPLs to validate the most current copies of technical manuals and associated records maintained in individual command ELMs accounts? (Page 7-14)
  21. What is considered preliminary technical manuals, interim manuals, interim maintenance support packages and redline manuals, to include technical publications, schematics, and drawings? (Page 7-16)
    Pre-Final Technical Data
  22. Approval of pre-final technical manuals for release for maintenance purposes shall be provided via an authorization letter signed by what? (Page 7-16)
  23. What requests shall include rationale for request, condition of manuals, fleet impact, and planned delivery date of final technical manuals? (Page 7-16)
  24. PMS publications consist of checklists, MRCs, PMICs, SCCs, SPCs, and what specifications? (Page 7-17)
    Standard rework
  25. What aid the planning and accomplishment of scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance tasks during inspections? (Page 7-19)
    Sequence Control Cards (SCCs)
  26. What contains instructions for maintenance personnel participation in command aviation safety programs? (Page 7-20)
    OPNAVINST 3750.6
  27. Fall Protection is a critical safety requirement specified in what instruction for ashore activities? (Page 7-20)
    OPNAVINST 5100.23
  28. Visually review every welder's proficiency against the welder's test plate every how many days? (Page 7-21)
  29. Aircraft Confined Space Program and Entry Authority (EA) certification requirements are in what? (Page 7-22)
    NAVAIR 01-1A-35
  30. Insufficient demand to maintain EA capability is defined as less than three aircraft confined space requirements in a how many-month period? (Page 7-23)
  31. What provides monitoring, analysis, and specialized knowledge to initiate preventive actions that are effected by engineering, production, and other departments? (Page 7-24)
  32. What is generally defined as the probability that an item will successfully perform its designated function for a specified period of time under specified operational conditions? (Page 7-23)
  33. What is documented affirmation that all product characteristics affecting quality conform to applicable specifications and requirements?(Page 7-25)
  34. What is a method of objective evaluation employed to determine and measure the effectiveness of the Certification Program? (Page 7-28)
  35. What are independent reviews conducted to compare some aspect of performance with set quality standards for that performance? (Page 7-31)
    Quality audits
  36. What is the resolution of a problem or deficiency? (Page 7-33)
    Corrective action
  37. What deficiency is a defect that judgment and experience indicate is likely to result in hazardous orĀ unsafe conditions for individuals using or maintaining it? (Page 7-34)
  38. What deficiency is a defect that is likely to result in the failure or reduced material utility of a unit or product? (Page 7-34)
  39. What deficiency is a defect that is not likely to materially reduce the utility of a unit or product or is a departure from established standards having little bearing on the use or operation of a unit? (Page 7-34)
  40. What is a certified task or operation found to be deficient within the certifying shop? (Page 7-34)
  41. What is a certified task or operation found to be deficient and not classified as in-process? (Page 7-34)
  42. What is established to ensure the customer receives a product which satisfies their needs and requirements? (Page 7-34)
    Customer Liaison Program
  43. The purpose of the what is to systematically evaluate nonconforming material in order to achieve material recovery and savings? (Page 7-34)
    Material Review Board (MRB)
  44. The MRB function does not apply to deficient material reported by what? (Page 7-35)
  45. The DLQP shall include a control system for MRB data which shall be retained for a minimum of how long? (Page 7-35)
    1 Year
  46. MRB action must commence within how many workdays after preparation of the MRB Form? (Page 7-35)
  47. What recognizes other than "factory standard" specifications and relies primarily on technicians and equipment currently available within the battle zone and as augmented by D-level ABDR personnel? (Page 7-36)
    Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR)
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