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  1. Consist of cells arranged in continuous sheets, in either single of multiple layers. Forms covering and lining throughout the body
    Epithelial tissue/ Epithelium
  2. Protects and supports the body and its organs. Bind organs together, store energy reserves as fat, and help provide the body with immunity to disease causing organism
    Connective tissue
  3. The sum of all chemical processes that occur in the body;all the biochemical reactions that occur within an organism, including the synthetic (anabolic) reactions and decomposition (catabolic) reactions
  4. Throwing down; the breakdown of complex chemical substances into simpler components
  5. The building up of complex chemical substances from smaller, simpler components; Synthetic energy requiring reactions whereby small molecules are built into larger ones. For example, digest process catabolize (split)
  6. Are groups of cells and the materials surrounding them that work together to perform a particular function, similar to the way words are put together to form sentences
  7. Are structures that are composed of two or more different types of tissues; they have specific functions and usually have recognizable shapes.
  8. Is a cycle of events in which the status of the body condition is monitored, evaluated, changed, remonitored, reevaluated, and so on. (components: receptor, control center, effector)
    Feedback system
  9. Is a body structure that monitors changes in a controlled condition and sends inout to control center.
  10. reverses a change in a controlled condition (ex: Blood temperature, body pressure)
    negative feedback system
  11. tends to strength or reinforce a change in one of the body's controlled condition. (blood formation, childbirth,
    positive feedback systems
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