1. noun
    person place or thing 

    ex. he, she, john, sharon, dog, ball, lamp
  2. verb
    a word used to describe an action 

    ex. run, hear, call
  3. pronoun
    A word that takes the place of a noun

    ex. he she it him her them us me you
  4. adverb
    • something describing a verb
    •  So when you're reading a sentence, find the verb, and then find what adds meaning to it.

    ex. The man ran quickly - ran is a verb - quickly adds meaning to the word ran
  5. adjective
    A descriptive word describing a noun.

    ex. The red ball bounced across the rough, black street. RED describes ball, ROUGH and BLACK describe street.
  6. preposition
    A preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence.

    • ex.I prefer to read in the library.
    • He climbed up the ladder to get into the attic.
    • Please sign your name on the dotted line after you read the contract.
    • Go down the stairs and through the door.
    • He swam across the pool.
  7. conjuction
    a conjunction is a joining word, combining two separate thoughts, phrases or clauses.

    ex.And As Because But For Just as Or Neither Nor Not only So Whether Yet
  8. interjection
    a word added to a sentence to convey emotion.

    ex.Ugh!, Eek!, or Wow!
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