GU Patho Week 3

  1. How is a scar formed?
    macrophages stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen
  2. What is the funtion of IgA?
    is secreted into GI & respiratory lumen where it binds to bad guys and takes care of them before they get out
  3. What all happens with the antigen for a parastic worm?
    • it is presented to a helper cell, which activates the B-cell
    • B-cell diff into plasma cell, which produces IgE, which binds to a receptor on the mast cell
    • Mast cell degranulates
  4. What is released when mast cells degranulate by activation of a parasitic worm antigen?
    • histamine (increases vasc permeability & allows eosinophils to move out of BV)
    • eosinophil chemotactic factor (moves eosinophils twd worm; the receptor on eosinophil sees the IgG ab on the worm, degranulates, and tries to kill the worm)
  5. Immune privilege sites (T-cells are not allowed to enter).
    • Placenta or Fetus
    • Testes or Ovaries
    • Eyes & Brain
    • Thymus
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GU Patho Week 3
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