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  1. Hydrodyzed
    Decomposed in water
  2. 1. Which organization in New Jersey is responsible for
    enforcing both federal and state pesticide laws?
    B The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy- Pesticide Control Program.
  3. A pesticide product must be registered for use in New Jersey by the:
    C. Both A & B are correct.
  4. In New Jersey restricted use pesticides can be purchased by :
    B. certified pesticide applicators.
  5. Commercial applicators must be certified and registered in New Jersey if they apply.
    C.Both A & B are correct.
  6. Applicator records for general and household pesticide use must be kept for a minimum of:
    3 years
  7. All persons using pesticide under the direct supervision of a certified pesticide applicator who is not physically present on an application site (other than a termite treatment) may be registered as a pesticide:
    B. operator.
  8. The following pesticide registration is required if pesticides are being applied for hire:
    B. applicator business
  9. Service vehicles used by a pesticide applicator business which carry pesticides to an application site are required to have the business
    A. registration number on two sides of the service vehicle.
  10. Restricted use pesticides must be:
    C. Both A & B are correct.
  11. For recertification of Commercial Applicators the following is required within the five year recertification period.
    A. 8 credits in Core.
  12. Prior to drilling and treating a concrete slab containing heat ducts to make a termite application, you should:
    A. obtain written statement from the homeowner.
  13. When treating a property for termites when the well is located within the foundation walls, one should treat:
    C. the exterior of the structure only.
  14. When making termiticide application along the exterior foundation of a property in an area not prone to erosion, you should cover with _________ inch of untreated soil.
    C. one half
  15. If it is suspected that termites are present under a concrete slab, one should bear in mind.
    B. one should inspect for the presence of utility lines,etc, and then use a drill stop.
  16. In a case of termite reinfestation , complete retreatment is not allowed if:
    B. live termites are not found and the history of treatment is known
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