Geography 4

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  1. Fusion
    superheated atoms of hydgroen forced together
  2. Solar Wind
    Gaseous flow of energy (plasma) that radiates outward from the sun
  3. insolation
    • Intercepted Solar Radiation
    • Radiation intercepted by earth
  4. Transmission
    Passage of Shortwave and long wave energy through the atmosphere
  5. Solar Constant
    Average value of insolation at the thermopause
  6. Pyranometer
    Measures solar radiation
  7. Insolation is highest in cloudless low latitude desserts
  8. 4 energy pathways
    • Scattering
    • refraction
    • reflection¬†
    • absorption
  9. Scattering
    Diffuse radiation
  10. Refraction
    Solar radiation bends from gases
  11. Albedo
    measures solar insolation that is reflected
  12. Absorption
    the assimilation of incoming radiant energy after it enters the atmosphere and its conversion to another form of energy
  13. Earth's albedo
    31 units
  14. energy radiated to space
    69 units
  15. Net radiation
    final outcome of radiation balance process at the the earths' surface
  16. Isotherms
    Lines of equal temperature
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