Final test part 2

  1. Form M's must be _____ and without______ or ________. Only authorized abbreviations listed in the Operating Rules to Timetable Special Instructions may be used.
    Legible and without erasure or alteration.
  2. Form M's must be received by employees who are qualified on ____ _____ ______ _____ and _______ _______ of the territory where the Form M will take effect.
    Metro North Operating Rules and physical characteristics.
  3. Form M's must not be received by employees who are?
    Operating the controls of a moving train or track car.
  4. Form M's will not be transmitted to the crew of a moving train when, in the opinion of the _______, _______ or ___ the Form M cannot be copied without impairing the safe operation of the train.
    Engineer, conductor, or RTC.
  5. When Form M's are being dictated and repeated, numerals in the address and on lines 1 through 14 must be pronounced ____ by ______.
    Digit by digit.
  6. Once the Form M has been ______ ______, the RTC will provide the time effective and the RTC's name. The employee receiving the Form M will then repeat the time effective, the RTC's name and will provide his _____ and ___ ______.
    Repeated correctly, craft and last name.
  7. When Form M's are physically delivered at an interlocking, the fixed signal must display a____ and ____ ____ ______.
    Stop and blocking devices applied.
  8. If communications fail during the transmission of a Form M before time effective is given, the train or track car addressed must not _____ or ___ __ ___ ______ contained in the Form M until communications have been re-established and delivery of the Form M is completed.
    Proceed or act on the information.
  9. If an error is discovered in a Form M, after giving the time effective the Form M must be ________.
  10. If an error is discovered in a Form M, prior to giving the time effective, the RTC must direct all receiving employees to _____ ____. _____.
    Destroy their copies.
  11. Only the following information (4 things) can be added to a Form M once it is made effective:
    1) blocks clear line 11

    2) extension of time allowed under line 1, 2 or 3 authority(line 13)

    3) cancellation or fulfillment information

    4) the name and craft of the employee receiving the Form M.
  12. What crew members of the train must have a written copy of the Form M?
    Engineer and Conductor.
  13. Employees addressed must read the Form M immediately upon receipt and are responsible for ________ with its requirements.
  14. Form M's remain in effect until _____ or _________.
    Fulfilled or cancelled.
  15. Form M's that are fulfilled or canceled must have the _____ and ____ noted on the appropriate line and be marked with an X through the body of the Form M.
    Date and time.
  16. Fulfilled or cancelled Form M's must be retained for a period of _____ by the RTC and ___ by all other employees.
    7 days-RTC, 1 Day by all other employees.
  17. Form M's will be numbered _________ ____ _______ ______ beginning each day at 0001 hours.
    Consecutively by dispatching district.
  18. For trains Form M's must be addressed to the _______, ______, plus _____if applicable and must include the schedule number if a scheduled train, the word extra and direction if not a scheduled train, the engine number and the location of the employee receiving the Form M.
    Conductor, Engineer, plus Pilot if applicable.
  19. Line 1 used to authorize scheduled trains, extra trains and track cars under ___ _____, track cars under ___ _____, for a one way movement from the first listed location.
    MBS Rules

    CTC Rules.
  20. It is not required for scheduled trains to receive a time limit for their ____ _ _______.
    Line 1 authority.
  21. When a time limit has been given for a Form M line 1 authority, how many extensions may be given?
  22. Trains and Track cars with a Form M Line 2 authority may operate?
    In either direction within these limits.
  23. If speed signs are not in service, the milepost locations must be ______ ______. Catenary locations or other clearly defined points may also be used and must include milepost location( miles and tenths).
    Whole mileposts.
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