Final test part 2-2

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  1. MBS Rules are in effect on tracks indicated in the ___ _____ _____ or by ______ _____. MBS rules may also be placed in effect instead of CTC and CSS rules by ______ ______ or ____ _ ____ _.
    Line Special Instructions or by Bulletin Order.

    Bulletin Order Form M Line 9.
  2. Where MBS rules are in effect, only one train or track car(or multiple track cars under a single Form M authority) may occupy a block, except in the following cases
    For the purpose of rescuing disabled trains.

    For the purpose of making a reverse movement at a hand operated or interlocked switch.
  3. To occupy a block in MBS, a train or track car must be given _____ by the RTC indicating that there are no trains or track cars in that block.
  4. _______ _____ must receive a Form M Line 1 authority and Form M line 11 indicating that the block is clear.

    ______ _____ and ____ ____ must receive a. Form M line 1 for movement in one direction or Form M Line 2 for movement in either direction, plus a blocks clear indication on Form M Line 11.
    Scheduled trains.

    Extra Trains and track cars.
  5. Before admitting a train to a block, the RTC must examine the ____ __ ____ _____and verify that switches are properly lined.
    Record of train movement.
  6. Block limit are designated in the?
    Employee timetable or by bulletin order.
  7. Temporary block limits are established by?
    Bulletin order or Form M Line 10.
  8. ______ ____ ____ may be established only at stations shown in the Employee Timetable, whole mileposts or numbered catenary poles.
    Temporary block limits.
  9. Trains must, unless issued Blocks clear authority by Form M Line 11 for subsequent blocks:
    1) reduce to Medium speed upon passing Approach Block Limit sign.

    2) approach the Block Limit sign prepared to stop

    3) not pass the Block Limit until provided with Blocks Clear authority by Form M Line 11.
  10. How may assist trains for disabled trains occupy the same block as the disabled train?
    Form M Line 7 must be issued to the disabled train.

    Form M Line 8 must be issued to the assisting train.

    The crew of the disabled train must provide flag protection for their train a distance of a 1/4 mile from the direction the assisting train is approaching.

    The assisting train will operate at Restricted Speed from the block limit preceding the disabled train to the location of the disabled train.
  11. How can trains with a Form M Line 1 and Form M line 11 make a reverse movement in the block they occupy?(MBS)
    Restricted speed without authority of the RTC.

    The RTC may issue a new Form M Line 1 authority and Line 11 blocks clear indication from the point where the train is standing to the next block limit in the desired direction of travel. Move may be made at MAS if the engineer is on the leading end of the movement.
  12. How may trains and track cars occupy a block in MBS territory equal to their length without Form M authority?
    For the purpose of clearing a switch in order to make a movement in the opposite direction.

    This move requires verbal permission of the RTC and must be made at restricted speed.
  13. All meets in MBS territory must occur at _____ specified in the employee timetable or at other locations specified by bulletin order.
  14. For all scheduled and unscheduled meets, both trains involved in the meet must be issued a ___ __ __ __ indicating the schedule number if a scheduled train and engine number of the train to be met, the location of the meet and which train is to take the siding.
    Form M Line 12.
  15. The engineer of each train with Form M Line 12 instructions for a meet must sound ___ ____ ____ _____ at least one mile prior to the meet location.if this signal is not sounded, the crew members must?
    4E(5) e

    Take immediate action to stop the train.
  16. Trains instructed to take the siding for a meet must?
    Enter at the first switch to that siding.
  17. If the train to hold the main is the first train arriving at the meeting point, a crew member of that train will.
    Line the switch into the siding for the opposing train. Once the opposing train is clear in the siding, the crew member will line and lock the switch for the main.
  18. If the train taking the siding is the first to arrive at the meeting point, a crew member of that train will?
    Line the switch for his train into the siding and once that train has cleared into the siding, will immediately line and lock the switch for the main.
  19. Trains and track cars must report to the RTC that they are clear of the block?
    As soon as the entire movement has cleared each block limit.
  20. Hand operated switches in MBS territory must not be operated without?
    Permission of the RTC.
  21. In MBS the ___ _____ who was granted permission to operate the switch, must lock it in the normal position and report such to the RTC as soon as practicable, before departing the location of the switch.
    Same employee.
  22. When a crew member in MBS uses a switch, he must communicate the position of the switch to the ______ when first operated and after its final use that the switch is lined and locked in the normal position.
  23. In cases of signal system failure or other circumstances ___ ____ may be substituted for CTC/CSS rules. Such substitution will be authorized by ______ _____. Or ___ _ ___ __.
    MBS rules.

    Bulletin order or Form M Line 9.
  24. The limits of the substitution of MBS for CTC/CSS must be ?
  25. When MBS is substituted for CTC/CSS the MAS will be?
    As shown in the employee timetable, not exceeding 59 mph.
  26. Trains must approach all hand operated facing point switches not equipped with electric locks?
    Prepared to stop until the engineer can determine the switch points are properly lined.
  27. Trains must approach all interlocking signals within the limits of MBS territory _____ __ ___ and must be given permission to pass an interlocking signal in accordance with Rule 13F. A Proceed interlocking signal cannot be displayed.
    Prepared to stop.
  28. Stop and warn rules apply at all grade crossings equipped with _____ _____ _____ in the territory where MBS rules are substituted for CTC/CSS.
    Automatic warning devices.
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