vocab unit 3

  1. acculturation
    process of adjusting to a new culture or country
  2. ameliorate
    to make or become better; to improve
  3. articulate
    to express oneself easily and clearly; able to speak
  4. aspiration
    strong ambition; inhalation of something into the lungs
  5. attainment
    something achieved
  6. category
    classification or grouping; division
  7. consensus
    general agreement
  8. economic
    having to do with the distributuion and consumption of menet or business matters
  9. ethnicity
    classification by nationality, language, culture, or history
  10. heritage
    something handed down from the past; history
  11. inequality
    lack of equality; difference in size amount, rand
  12. interpretation
    explanation; expression of a person's understanding
  13. median
    middle; intermediate, middle number, point, or line
  14. mobilize
    to put into motion; to organize; to make ready
  15. mundane
    commonplace; everyday
  16. rectify
    to correct
  17. segment
    to divide into parts; section
  18. tactic
    method or strategy; plan
  19. unify
    to blend or unite
  20. vociferous
    loud; insistent
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