vocab unit 2

  1. abode
    place where one lives; home
  2. alter
    to change
  3. contamination
  4. counterpart
    a person or thing that is the same as or looks like another
  5. diversify
    to vary
  6. impetuous
    acting suddenly with little thought
  7. initiate
    to begin, to introduce
  8. interaction
    mutual influence or action
  9. irrecoverable
    unable to be regained
  10. irreversible
    not able to be changed back into an earlier form
  11. lethal
    deadly, capable of causing death
  12. magnitude
    importance, greatness of size
  13. millennium
    one thousand years
  14. modify
    to change or alter
  15. radiation
    process of sending out rays of heat, light
  16. relatively
    not absolutely
  17. sinister
    evil or dishonest
  18. species
    distinct kind
  19. universal
    affecting all
  20. vegetation
    plant life
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