Administration of parenteral medication

  1. What are the five hazards to parenteral medication?
    • Reaction
    • Abscess
    • Nerve Damage
    • Inject into blood vessel
    • Sloughing
  2. When should you shave the injection site?
    When it is an IV catheter
  3. When clipping what do we try NOT to do?
    give razor burn
  4. How should you hold clippers?
    • Flat edge of blade towards skin
    • hold so tips cut a nice clean edge
  5. What is an ID injection?
    Intradermal injection
  6. When do you most commonly use an ID injection?
    Allergies and TB
  7. What is a bleb?
    a small bubble in the skin when injecting an ID injection.
  8. What is a SQ injection?
    subcutaneous, under the lose skin of an animal.
  9. Why are SQ injections used as the most common injection?
    • Rapid absorption by blood and lymph nodes
    • quick systemic effect
    • Gives large fluids amounts
  10. How many fluids can you give SQ to sm. dogs and cats?
  11. How many fluids can you give SQ to mg/lg Dogs?
  12. How many fluids can you give SQ to large animals?
  13. How do you give a SQ injection? (three steps)
    • 1) pick skin on lateral side, form a tent
    • 2) angle needle at a shallow angle towards the feet
    • 3) Aspirate; look for blood(bad) or no vacuum (punctured through)
    • Vacuum and no blood is good
  14. how to give a SQ for horses
    • 1) Pinch skin to distract horse
    • 2) roll skin to provide a pocket
    • 3) Wiggle skin and administer shot
  15. Problems w/ SQ injections
    • Going to far
    • inject into blood vessel
    • wrong medication
  16. What is an IM injection?
    Intramuscular injection
  17. When do you us a IM injection?
    if medicine is caustic to SQ tissue
  18. How much medicine can you administer IM to sm dogs/cats?
  19. How much medicine can you administer IM to md/lg dogs?
  20. How much medicine can you administer IM to large animals?
  21. In small animals where do you give an IM?
    • quadriceps femoris and triceps
    • at a 45° angle aimed towards other muscle or hip bone
  22. In Lg animals how do you give an IM injection?
    Straight in, aspirate, inject
  23. Problems with IM injections?
    • inject into nerve
    • pain at site
    • creates abscess
  24. What is an IC injection?
    • intracardio 
    • directly into the heart
  25. when do you use an IC injection?
    emergency drugs and euthanasia
  26. what is an IP injection? Where do you put it?
    • intraperitoneal
    • insert needle into abdomen cavity on ventral side of animal
  27. What are some problems with IP injections?
    • injection into organ
    • causes peritonitis
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