W430 Exam 1 chapter 1

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  1. The GE workout short case (article)
    • GE wants there employees to question why things are done that way.
    • CEO want to hear about they problems and concerns
    • GE is continually reinventing itself
  2. What is OD? and aspect of it
    • Long-range efforts and programs aimed at improving an organization's ability to survive by changing problems-solving and renewal processes.
    • -its planned
    • -organization wide
    • -managed from top down
    • -increase organizational effectiveness & health
  3. why do organizations begin change programs (OD)
    • -level of competition
    • -survival
    • -improve performance
    • overall goal- increase profits
  4. Who are practitioners? differences between internal and external? Pros and Cons.
    • practitioner- a people that specialize in something
    • External- new eyes, greater knowledge
    • Internal- connection, relationship,
  5. Stages of OD. Which takes the most time? what are the purpose of the different stages? 15
    • 1- Anticipate need for change
    • 2- Develop relationship with client
    • 3- Diagnostic process
    • 4-Action Plan,
    • 5- Self Renewal,Monitor, and Stabilize
  6. change leader
    individual with innovative solutions to societies biggest problems.
  7. Trilogy software
    • they want to hire and keep the right people
    • they have a 3 month boot camp
    • they demand a lot from employee
    • but there is high reward for employees
  8. TGIF
    • They have high liablity by people drinking and driving
    • they are promoting a culture of work hard party hard
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