Plane Captain Board Questions: Emergency Procedures

  1. Of the 16 different emergency situations listed in COMHELSEACOMBATWINGLANTINST 4790.20C, name six
    Aircraft fuselage fire, engine post-shutdown fire, rotor brake fire, electrical fire, hot brakes/brake fire, emergency tire deflation, wheel brake failure/broken tail wheel lock pin, hung landing gear, hung ramp, hung droop stop, wind milling tail rotor, fluid/fuel leak, loose cowling/popped fastener, main rotor damper failure, aircraft battery thermal runaway, tow bar separation.
  2. In an engine post-shutdown fire, what can happen if CO2 or Halon is expelled directly into the engine and what can be done by the pilot to prevent using a fire extinguishing agent?
    The pilot should windmill the engine to blow out the fire first
  3. In a rotor brake fire, what can happen if CO2 is expelled onto the rotor brake?
    Rotor brake disc can shatter
  4. In a hot brake situation, what are two serious cautions/warnings to heed?
    Approach wheel assembly fore or aft due to extreme danger of wheel explosion and NEVER apply CO2 directly on wheel brake fire due to thermal shock and the possibility of an explosion. Use "splash" method.
  5. During an emergency tire deflation, what are three warnings to heed?
    Stand clear of axle path, watch for flying rubber or cracked wheel assembly debris, and DO NOT TAXI aircraft over emergency tire deflator (tow aircraft).
  6. During a wheel brake failure, what indications is given by the pilot?
    All external lights are turned on
  7. During a hung landing gear situation, what precaution should be taken prior to approaching aircraft and what type of shutdown should be used?
    Ensure aircraft is grounded and NO ROTOR BRAKE SHUTDOWN
  8. During a hung ramp situation, where should the LSE direct the aircraft to land?
    At the sea wall or area that allows for safe landing with the ramp at 90 degrees
  9. During a hung droop situation, what consideration should be given concerning shutdown?
    Disengage rotors and allow slowing on its own. Do not apply rotor brake.
  10. During a wind milling tail rotor situation, why shouldn't you close the tail pylon while the tail rotor blades are spinning?
    Severe damage to disconnect jaws will result
  11. During a fuel leak, how much fuel leakage justifies notifying the fire department?
    A quantity greater than one gallon
  12. What criteria for missing fasteners prevents aircraft from flight?
    Two missing fasteners next to each other on any one panel and/or no more than 25 percent of any one panel's fasteners missing
  13. During an aircraft battery thermal runaway, what warning shall be heeded concerning fire extinguishing agents?
    Do not direct CO2 into the battery compartment to simply effect cooling or displace gases. Static electricity generated by the extinguisher could cause an explosion of the hydrogen/oxygen gases trapped in the battery compartment. Utilize halon 1211 or CO2 after a fire has erupted.
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