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  1. The main character in the movie
    Rabbit Proof Fence is of which ethnicity?
    three half-caste Aboriginal girls
  2. Where does the movie Rabbit Proof
    Fence take place?
  3. Traditionally, where did people want
    to live?
    • Where soil is fertile
    • and near water for FARMING
  4. Now, people are moving to where?
  5. Which countries do/do not have tropical
    • Indonesia, Malasia,
    • Phillipeens, Veitnam, Cambodia, Laos, Congo, Tialand, Brazil
  6. Where do fertile soils come from?
    • Rivers, Volcanoes, Glaciers,
    • Wind storms
  7. Fertility rates in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    Very High: some of the highest in the world
  8. Where, in Africa, is Islam more prevalent?
    Nothern Africa
  9. Makkah (Mecca) is in which country?
    Saudi Arabia
  10. Exotic rivers?
    • Rivers that go through
  11. Which has more pollution problems:
    Western or Eastern Europe?
    Eastern Euprope
  12. Which countries were once part of
    the Soviet Union?
    • CHECK - Russia,
    • Belaroos, Ukrane, Maldona, stans (not Pakistan, not Afganistan)
  13. Literacy rates under the Soviet regime?
    Very High
  14. What's the problem with the Aral
  15. Population density of Central Asia?
    Population density of Central Asia
  16. Is there deforestation in Japan?
    • NO – Japan is
    • working hard to preserve its forests
  17. What is China's population quandary?
    usually only one child per couple
  18. The Green Revolution: how important is it in South Asia's ability to feed its population?
    • Very important to south Asia – a lot of people not enough food – special crops,
    • fertilizers, crops grow fast to feed people
  19. The main reason for deforestation in Southeast Asia is the desire for which wood?
  20. Is there deforestation in Malaysia?
  21. Where, in the regions covered in
    chapters 13 and 14, would you expect the least amount of rain?
    Central part of Australia
  22. Where does most of the population
    live in mainland Southeast Asia?
    Near rivers and river deltas
  23. What were the world's two largest
    rice exporters in 2006?
    Tialand and vietnam
  24. Which is the most populous country
    in Southeast Asia?
  25. What percentage of the citizens of
    Singapore live in rural areas?
    • Close to none (all in
    • cities)
  26. The Vietnam War?
    • French colonized Vietnam,
    • communism in North, French in South. Fighting (US for South Vietnam),
    • DRAFT, Vietnam again became communist
  27. The domino theory?
    • The theory that if you
    • let one country go to communism that every country will go
  28. What is Indonesia's largest source
    of tax revenue, and where is it located?
    • A gold mine in Western
    • New Guinea
  29. A new country has recently been created
    on which island?
    • Eastern Timor (used to be
    • Indonesia)
  30. Which regions in Southeast Asia have
    tried to secede?
    • Western New Guinea, South
    • Western Philippines, Southern Thailand, Northern Burma
  31. The Spratly Islands?
    • Small Islands that everyone
    • wants because they might have petroleum underneath them
  32. What is an archipelago?
    chain of islands
  33. What is Oceania's greatest future
    environmental threat?
    Global Warming = Rising sea levels
  34. Are rabbits native to Australia?
  35. What are the only native mammals
    of New Zealand?
  36. The brown tree snake in Guam?
    • killed most of the birds,
    • power outages by climbing on wires
  37. What did a geological hot spot create?
    created Hawaii
  38. What is an atoll?
    • Volcanic Island starts
    • exploding and all that remains is coral reef
  39. Most of Australia's population is
    located in which section of the country?
    South Eastern part
  40. The majority of Australia's population
    traces its roots to where?
    Britain, Ireland
  41. Who were the first people to populate
    Australia, how long have they been there, and how did they get their
    • Aborigines: hunters and
    • gatherers
  42. "Uncontacted peoples:"
    where are they?
    • Probabably in mountains
    • of Papau New Guinea
  43. The tsunami of December '04 hit the
    shores of which countries?
    • Indonesia, Sri Lanka,
    • Kenya
  44. The people of which country just
    elected a new President? The election is disputed because the military
    threw out the last President.
  45. Rebels from which region take responsibility
    for bombing a train traveling between Moscow and St. Petersburg?
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