Chapter 1: Ecology

  1. Ecosystem
    All the interacting parts of a biological community and that community's enviroment
  2. Sustainable Ecosystem
    an ecosystem that can take pressure and is able to give support to other organisms
  3. Biotic
    a living organism in an ecosystem
  4. Abiotic
    a non-living organism in an ecosystem
  5. Lithosphere
    parts of the Earth's surface (e.g, rocks)
  6. Hydrosphere
    all the the liquid parts of earth (e.g, ground water, lakes, oceans)
  7. Atmosphere
    the gas parts of the earth
  8. Biosphere
    all the living organisms in all the different spheres
  9. Nutrients
    Chemicals that are need by living organisms to survive
  10. Eutrophication
    when an aquatic ecosystem has an increase in nutrients, therefore leading to an algal bloom
  11. Photosynthesis
    the process of solar energy being turned into chemical energy
  12. Trophic Level
    different categories of organisms that are defined by how they gain their energy

    (e.g, primary producers, consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers)
  13. Biomass
    the total mass of living organisms in a specified trophic level
  14. Trophic Efficiency
    a measurement of the total energy when transferred from one trophic level, to the next, higher one
  15. Bioaccumulation
    When materials (usually toxins) are taken it at a higher rate than they are eliminated
  16. Biomagnification
    the increase of a concentration of toxin(s) from one trophic level to the next higher one
  17. Cellular Respiration
    a process that releases the energy in organic molecules (usually carbohydrates) in the presence of oxygen
  18. Fermentation
    a process that releases the energy in organic molecules (usually carbohydrates) in the absence of oxygen
  19. Greenhouse Gases
    Gases that prevent heat from leaving the atmosphere, therefore increasing the temperature of the atmosphere
  20. Greenhouse Effect
    The warming of Earth due to greenhouse gases
  21. Acid Precipitation
    Precipitation that is acidic due to greenhouse gases
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