Challenger350 Oxygen and Emergency Equipment

  1. At what cabin altitude will the crew oxygen masks automatically deliver 100% oxygen under pressure?
    35,000 ft
  2. What must the crew do if a fire extinguisher is discharged in the flight compartment?
    Don oxygen masks with emergency selected
  3. Where is the crash ax located?
    Behind the copilot (right) seat
  4. Regardless of other control settings, what does the crew mask supply at cabin altitude above 35,000 ft?
    Only pure oxygen
  5. When oxygen bottles are full, what does the gauge next to the outside filler port indicate?
    1850 psi
  6. Where is the oxygen service point located?
    On the right side of the fuselage directly forward of the right engine
  7. At what altitude is prolonged use of passenger oxygen masks not recommended?
    25,000 ft AGL
  8. Which masks receive a reduced rate of oxygen pressure?
  9. Crew oxygen masks are certified to what altitude?
    40,000 ft AGL
  10. What is the main difference between the AUTO and DEPLOY positions in the oxygen system?
    Flow rate. The AUTO position flow is based on cabin altitude. The DEPLOY position flow is a high constant rate.
  11. What is included in the Challenger 350 aircraft emergency equipment?
    • Flashlights,
    • portable breathing equipment,
    • crash axe,
    • fire extinguisher,
    • life vests (2)
  12. What are the components of the oxygen system?
    • Oxygen bottles,
    • oxygen masks,
    • distribution system
  13. Is prolonged use of passenger masks above 25,000 ft recommended?
  14. What are the three modes of operation for the mask oxygen system?
    • Normal,
    • 100%,
    • Emergency
  15. With temperatures at or below _______, follow the oxygen system recommended storage procedures if the aircraft is parked for an extended period.
  16. In AUTO, at what cabin altitude will the electropneumatic actuating valve (EPAV) deploy the passenger masks?
    14,500 ft ± 500 ft
  17. In what manual are oxygen duration tables located?
    QRH Vol 1 or FCOM Vol 2
  18. When must all flight crew wear oxygen masks with EMERGENCY selected?
    If a fire extinguisher is discharged in the flight compartment
  19. When activated, how long do the PBEs generate oxygen?
    15 min
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