SAT List 3

  1. consummate
    exhibiting supreme skill or mastery
  2. contemporary
    modern, up to date
  3. corroborate
    to strengthen with evidence, to make certain
  4. strident
    unpleasantly loud, harsh, grating
  5. orthodox
    consistent with standard practice
  6. scrutinize
    examine closely
  7. reprehensible
    deserving of blame
  8. intuition
    a gut feeling, a hunch
  9. perquisites
    special benefits
  10. sinecure
    a job that pays well for almost no responsibility
  11. cacophony
    loud confusing sounds, opposite of harmony
  12. aplomb
    great coolness and composure under stress
  13. recluse
    withdrawn from society, a hermit
  14. alacrity
    eagerness and quickness
  15. docile
    easily managed or trained
  16. flippant
    showing inappropriate humor, lack of respect
  17. myriad
    too many to be counted, a lot of
  18. ascetic
    practicing tremendous self-denial
  19. negligible
    too insignificant to consider
  20. facetious
  21. disingenous
    not straightforward or candid, giving a false appearance
  22. innocuous
  23. profundity
    intellectual depth
  24. pedagogy
    the art, method, strategies of teaching
  25. mercurial
    erratic, sudden changes
  26. erroneous
    in error
  27. bolster
    support and strengthen
  28. discern
    to differentiate
  29. profligate
    extravagant, recklessly wasteful
  30. dilettante
    amateurish, pretending to have knowledge
  31. versatile
    having great diversity or variety
  32. precocious
    mental/physical development at an earlier than average age
  33. prudent
    careful and sensible
  34. resilient
    having the property of springing back
  35. trivial
    too insignificant to consider
  36. inured
    to become accustomed to
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SAT List 3
SAT List 3