Challenger350 Fire Protection

  1. The dual detection loops in the APU enclosureare connected to which component?
    Fire detection andextinguishing control unit (FIREX-CU)
  2. What occurs when the fire switch is pushed?
    Left squib on both bottles arm and EXT 1 and EXT 2 switches ARMED, fuel SOV closes, bleed-air SOVs close, hydraulic SOV closes, generator offline, FADEC signals engine shutdown
  3. Where are the fire extinguishers located?
    Cockpit, galley, lavatory
  4. What are the memory item(s) for APU FIRE?
    • 1.APU FIRE…FIRE push
    • 2. FIRE EXT 2 ….ARMED Push
  5. True or False:In the event of an APU FIRE in flight, the crew receives indication of a fire, but no automatic action occurs.
  6. On the Challenger 350 aircraft, which areas have a fire extinguishing system?
    APU, left engine, right engine
  7. Which areas of the Challenger 350 aircraftare monitored with fire detection?
    Powerplant, APU, main landing gear wheel wells
  8. Pushing the R ENGINE FIRE pushbutton annunciator arms which extinguisher bottle(s) for discharge?
    Both bottles 1 and 2
  9. How many smoke detector(s) are installed on the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    One, between the lavatory and cargo
  10. What are the memory item(s) for L/R Engine Fire in flight?
    • 1. Thrust Lever…..IDLE
    • 2. ENG FIRE…..FIRE Push
    • *If a FIRE indication persists after 10 seconds
    • 3. FIRE EXT 1…..ARMED Push
  11. What happens when the L or R ENG FIRE switch is pressed?
    Fuel, hydraulic, and bleed-air SOVs close. Generator is taken offline.  FADEC shuts down the engine.  Squibs are armed.
  12. True or False:Both fire extinguishing bottles are equipped with two squibs each.
    FALSE. Bottle 1 has two squibs
  13. How many fire bottles are installed on the Challenger 350 aircraft?
    2 bottles
  14. Which fire extinguisher bottle is used for APU fires?
    Bottle No. 2
  15. What are the memory item(s) for L/R Engine Fire above V1?
    • 1. Rotate at VR
    • 2. Pitch Attitude…..Adjust to V2
    • 3. LANDING GEAR…….UP
    • 4. Thrust Lever…..IDLE
    • unless a critical situation exists
    • 5. ENG FIRE…..FIRE Push
    • *If a FIRE indication persists after 10 seconds
    • 6. FIRE EXT 1…..ARMED Push
  16. What are the memory item(s) for Cabin/Cockpit Fire, Smoke, Fumes?
    • 1. Crew O2……Don+EMER
    • 2. Smoke Goggles…..Don
    • 3. O2 MASK/NORM…..O2 Mask
  17. What are the memory item(s) for L/R Engine Fire below V1?
    • 1. Thrust levers….Idle
    • 2. Brakes…..Maximum
    • 3. Thrust Reversers…..Max Rev After Stopping
    • 4. Affected ENG Fire……Fire Push
    • 5. FIRE EXT 1….Armed Push
    • 6. PARK/EMER BRAKE…..Set
    • 7. EMER DEPRESS…..ON
    • 8. Other ENG and APU FIRE…..Push
    • 9. Evacuation…..Command
    • 10. Controlling Agency.....Notify
    • 11. L and R BATT.....OFF
    • 12. STBY INST.....OFF
  18. What indications illuminate with a left engine fire?
    • L ENG FIRE switch and
    • Master WARNING light illuminate,
    • Master WARNING chimes,
    • red L ENGINE FIRE (W) CAS message illuminates,
    • red FIRE EI in the N1 indicator appears,
    • aural “Left Engine Fire” sounds
  19. When accomplishing the Engine Fire emergency procedure: if the warning persists,how many seconds should elapse before the first bottle is discharged after engine shutdown?
    10 seconds
  20. When required, can both fire extinguisher containers be discharged into the APU?
    No. Only bottle no. 2 can be discharged into the APU compartment.
  21. How does the engine fire detection system function?
    By detecting a drop in resistance caused by an overheat condition
  22. When accomplishing the APU fire emergency procedure, which bottle(s) should be discharged to the APU?
    Bottle 2
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