Chapter Properties and Structure of Matter 5th grade

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  1. What is matter?
    All the gasses, liquids, and solids in the world around you.
  2. What is mass?
    A measure of the amount of matter in an object.
  3. What is volume?
    Describes how much space a sample of matter takes up.
  4. What is weight?
    The force of gravity between earth and the object.
  5. What is density?
    The density of an object tells us how massive something is for its size.
  6. What are conductors?
    Materials that allow energy to flow through them easily.
  7. Insulate
    against the passage of energy they do not permit energy to flow.
  8. What is Magnetism?
    Certain objects that push or pull on each other.
  9. Element
    The basic building blocks of all matter.
  10. Compound
    Any substance that is formed by the chemical combination of two or more elements.
  11. Chemical formulas
    Scientists write symbols for compounds that contains symbols for the elements that make it up.  The formula also contains numbers below the elements called subscripts> H2O
  12. Atoms
    The smallest unit of an element that retains the properties of the element.

    Atoms contain 3 kinds of particles: protons,neutrons,electrons.
  13. Protons
    Carry one unit of positive electric charge.
  14. Neutrons
    Have no electric charge.
  15. Electrons
    Carry one unit of negative electric charge.
  16. Molecules
    Particles that contain more than one atom joined together.
  17. What are States of Matter?
    Matter exists as a solid, a liquid,or gas.
  18. A substance rapidly changes its__________ to a gas at its __________________.
    state of matter, boiling point
  19. A substance's ________ mass divided by its volume in a measure of its ___________.
    mass, density
  20. An objects ability to float depends on its______.
  21. Water can turn from liquid to gas by evaporating or_______________.
  22. Mass is the measure of the_________.
    amount of material in an object
  23. The molecules of a _________ tend to be packed tightly in an organized way.
  24. The number of _________ an atom has determines what element it is.
  25. When the temperature of a material _______  its particles move faster.  This causes materials to _______ as they get hotter.
    increases, expand
  26. When a temperature of a material decreases, materials tend to _______. The material's particles tend to slow down.
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