Management 301

  1. Don works diligently to accomplish the company goals in an efficient and effective manner, utilizing his employees through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling company resources. Don is ___.
  2. Samuel, a marketing manager, recently attended a management workshop where he learned of Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi's view that the ideal state that many people seek is ___.
    an emotional zone somewhere between boredom and anxiety
  3. Gregson Production is keenly aware of the need to daily strive to produce goods and services more effectively than its competitors. Therefore, to achieve this standard, Gregson's management strives to ____.
    maintain quality and efficiency
  4. Because Ace Development Services is the only company that supplies a critical product for clients, customers of Ace are likely to ____.
    put up with poor-quality products
  5. Being a manager can be one of the greatest avenues to a meaningful life, particularly if the manager ____
    is working within a supportive or interesting organizational culture
  6. At times, customers have an unexpected need and require certain departments, such as production, to change their schedule to meet the demands of the sales department. When Susan, the vice president of marketing, is involved in resolving this conflict, this is an essential part of which management function?
  7. The district manager of a national fast-food restaurant watches the sales reports for each restaurant daily to compare actual sales with projected sales goals, and then takes corrective action if needed. This function is ____.
  8. Felix pays a lot of attention to the environment outside his company, staying alert for long-run opportunities and problems and devising strategies for dealing with them. Felix is a(n) ____ level manager.
    upper or top level
  9. Donna, vice president of finance, and Bob, vice president of human resources, are ____ managers
  10. Josh, a college student, has become very interested in helping his community, so he is volunteering in a neighborhood improvement organization. This type of organization is an example of a(n) ______ organization.
  11. As a store manager, Liandra has to play the role of negotiator, such as purchasing products at a fair price for her company. As she handles this responsibility, Liandra is playing the ____ role.
  12. Raylene, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, met with business leaders from the local community. Afterwards, she spent time informally answering their questions about the company as part of which managerial role?
  13. Melissa, the hotel manager, knows that the number of guests at her hotel has significantly decreased. Therefore, corporate has made it clear that the amount each department can spend on certain items will need to be cut for the year. Melissa needs to work with the hotel department managers on how to cut costs, as a part of her ______ role.
    resource allocator
  14. The vice president of human resources for a national electronics retailer is meeting with employees of several stores to present information to workers that their stores are closing and how the company will help employees in the future. This task is part of a(n) _______ role.
  15. Rebecca, a department manager, has been dealing with two workers in her department who do not get along. Due to family problems for both employees, today they had a loud argument in the break room. Rebecca is meeting with both to resolve the issues as part of which managerial role?
    disturbance handler
  16. One of the reasons Ace Distributors, a local manufacturing company, is considered to be a good place to work is that the managers are expected to encourage and reward their employees for developing new products and ways of improving existing products and services. This policy is an example of managers carrying out the ______ role.
  17. When Dave, a restaurant owner, had his seafood business destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, he believed that he was in control of his own destiny and made a decision to rebuild the company. Dave is an individual with a(n) ____.
    internal locus of control
  18. When Randy, a general manager of a national retailer, moved to a different store in his company that was having difficulty, he knew that sales were low and after talking to his employees, he found morale was also low. At first Randy thought attitudes were poor due to low sales, but after working closely with employees, he realized that the poor attitudes were actually the cause of poor sales. Randy was able to discover the cause of the problem by utilizing ______ skills.
  19. Donna, the office manager, spends a large part of her day working closely with those whom she supervises to successfully accomplish the many tasks she is responsible for. She also works well with other departments to get things done. Donna is exhibiting which type of managerial skill?
  20. ______, or the ability to motivate, to inspire trust, and to communicate with others, are important for all levels of management.
    Soft skills
  21. Within his company, Greg has set up a system with inputs, outputs, transformation processes, and feedback. Within his organization, he utilizes a management style that varies according to the individual and environmental situation, with a strategy for minimizing errors by managing each stage of production. Greg is utilizing a _______ perspective.
  22. Wanda, a CEO, has been encouraging her managers to study and utilize theoretical perspectives of management because this approach _____
    provides clues to the meaning of your managers' decisions
  23. Amy is a package delivery service manager. She is interested in implementing the management philosophy pioneered by Frederick W. Taylor and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, which scientifically studies work methods to improve the productivity of individual workers, known as ____.
    scientific management
  24. Sal, a production manager, knows that some of his employees are upset with the new corporate policy, and as a result, are participating in soldiering. To eliminate soldiering Sal can ___.
    carefully select workers according to their abilities and give workers training
  25. The father of scientific management is _____.
    Frederick Taylor
  26. Tom, the manager of floral shop, is interested in implementing the principles of administrative management, which involves ____.
    managing the total organization
  27. Greg, the IT manager, feels that his employees lack the motivation to consistently meet department goals; therefore, the approach Greg and his supervisors need to take to better understand human actions to motivate their employees toward achievement is the ____ viewpoint.
  28. George, who owns a small grocery store, has a reputation in the community as a tough manager. Many customers have heard George yell at his employees because he feels that workers today are lazy, lack ambition, and hate to work. George is a(n) ____ manager.
    Theory X
  29. The new chief information officer of a national pizza chain is using mathematical tools to aid in product ordering and scheduling decisions; this is an example of _____.
    management science
  30. A computer manufacturer is seeking to cut costs by designing an inventory system that reduces the number of finished products in stock due to overproduction and to set in place a production schedule that better matches customers' orders. This is an example of ____
    operations management
  31. When a line cook in a restaurant cooks a raw hamburger to become part of the Super Burger Special, this is an example of a ____.
    transformation process
  32. When the sales of a certain brand of diet soda slowed, a national grocery retailer decided to drop the price of that product, which resulted in a large increase in sales of the soda. This sales increase is a type of ____.
  33. For years ABC Copier, a copier machine supplier, enjoyed strong sales and a huge share of the copier market, far ahead of its competition. However, over the years, ABC seldom asked customers for feedback. So when some of ABC's competition responded to what customers need and started offering copiers with new technology, ABC lost much of its market share. ABC utilizes a(n) ____ system.
  34. Gary Hamel suggests we need to look at management as a process and then make improvements and innovation ____.
    ongoing and systematic
  35. The management of XYZ Manufacturing is implementing a plan to minimize production mistakes by allowing teams that work in each area of the production facility to develop a plan and then monitor their area to ensure the reduction of errors. This is an example of ____.
    quality control
  36. The management of a facility that manufactures parts for car brakes has a policy of testing only some of the items in each production run to locate errors. This is an example of the ______ technique
    quality control
  37. After returning home from a trade show, Mr. Jones, the president of a manufacturing company, spoke to his employees in a production meeting about a new approach that should increase their production bonus by improving their performance. To do so, Mr. Jones discussed a goal of "zero defects." This is an example of ____.
    quality assurance
  38. Joseph Juran defined quality as "fitness for use," which meant that ___
    a product or service should satisfy a customer's real needs
  39. An organization in which the management builds a commitment to learning, works to generate ideas with impact, and works to generalize ideas with impact is creating a(n) ____.
    learning organization
  40. Mateo, an IT manager, has been studying the work methods of each task to increase the productivity of the employees in his department. Mateo is utilizing ____.
    scientific management
  41. When talking with Shane, a sales manager, she remarked that typically, her employees sincerely and positively overstate their job performance and abilities. This is an example of the ____ effect.
  42. Alonzo, the president of the student class and honor society, has been very busy and did not study for the history test. Although Alonzo is very confident, he realizes that he probably will not do well on the exam and has talked himself into cheating because he feels it is worth it to maintain his strong GPA, which he will need to be accepted by a good college. He tells his friend, "I don't usually do this, but I really have to do it." The cause of Alonzo's behavior is ____.
    motivated blindness
  43. The marketing director informed his employees that he feels the company needs to improve its relationship with the distributors of the company's products to increase market share because they are part of the ______ environment of the company.
  44. Don was recently promoted, and his salary increase includes retirement investment options, so he has decided to get involved with an ESOP. This means Don ____.
    will be buying shares of his company's stock
  45. To focus on improving company customer service this year, the CEO outlined a list of stakeholders to concentrate on: distributors, local communities, and the mass media. These three groups are ____.
    external stakeholders
  46. Rebecca and Donna, owners of Fine Coffee and Pastry Shop, are concerned because Panera Bread is opening a new store just one mile from their shop. Rebecca and Donna know that Panera will be offering similar products; therefore, Panera Bread will be a ____ to Rebecca and Donna.
  47. The plant manager of a factory that produces tires told Sal, the purchasing manager, to approach the suppliers of the plant to discuss discounts. A supplier to that factory ____.
    provides raw materials, services, equipment, labor, or energy
  48. Ole McDonald, a successful farm equipment supply company in the Midwest, joined with A-Plus Supply, a national hardware and home retailer, so Ole McDonald can open stores in other regions and A-Plus can now offer a high-quality product in the farm community. This is an example of a ___ relationship.
    strategic allies
  49. Local communities are stakeholders of organizations because communities ____
    rely on the tax base from companies, and their employee payrolls, to thrive
  50. Joe, a lobbyist who represents a certain industry, is meeting with several members of Congress to try to exert political influence by contributing funds to the lawmakers' election campaigns. Joe also is involved in a letter-writing campaign to promote his cause. Joe represents a ____.
    special-interest group
  51. Tom and his managers are discussing the unemployment, inflation, and interest rate trends that might affect his chain of coffee shops over the next 12 months and the projected growth in the areas where his stores are located. The managers are studying the ______ forces in their organization's general environment.
  52. Americans driving less and young people having less interest in cars are examples of trends in society known as ____ forces.
  53. When a food distributor looks at changing the products it markets in the southern states because of an increasing percentage of customers from Central and South America, it is looking at the ____ forces.
  54. Joe, owner of ABC Electronics, just discovered that his trusted friend Paul, his accountant for over 30 years, has been mishandling the company books and stealing from the company bank account. Joe must decide whether to publicly ignore his friend's actions and avoid bad publicity for the firm, an example of ____.
    an ethical dilemma
  55. With recent reports of identity theft, Mr. Jones, the CEO of a construction company, is concerned about his employees' privacy, and because of recent accidents on the job, he is also worried about the safety of his workers. Mr. Jones's concerns with privacy and health and safety are outlined in the _____ approach to deciding ethical dilemmas.
    moral rights
  56. Don has managed several restaurants for over 50 years and is close to retirement. With his maturity, his decisions are sound, based on solid, proven values. Don tends to be an independent thinker who focuses on empowering his employees. Don manages at Kohlberg's ______ level of personal moral development.
  57. The employees of Mom's Pizza, a local pizza restaurant, feel that the owners and managers really try to follow the ethical policies outlined in their company's code of ethics. Pete, a cook, said that "Just today, Joe, our manager, called our supplier to let them know we received an extra case of tomatoes that we did not pay for. And they do this type of thing almost every day." Mom's Pizza maintains a(n) _____.
    ethical climate
  58. Phillip said to a dear friend, "I am fed up with my company's continual disregard for human life and the environment. They just continue to secretly dispose of hazardous chemicals into a nearby stream. I don't know how they get away with it! I am going to tell somebody today." Phillip's decision to tell somebody about his company's actions is an example of a(n) ______.
  59. Business scholar Archie Carroll suggested that the first and primary responsibility of an organization in the global economy is to ___.
    be profitable consistent with expectations for international business
  60. For organizations' board of directors, and in particular, their oversight of the CEO, the biggest complaint appears to be _____.
    the independence of the directors
  61. Don, who owns an investment firm with customers worldwide, has witnessed how dangerous global economic interdependency can be. During a lunch meeting he mentioned to a customer, "I certainly have seen two negative effects for the United States of global economic interdependency: ___."
    vast surplus funds from global investments flowing into the United States and loss of well-paying jobs
  62. Hannah, an engineer for an oil company, is interested in working overseas at this stage of her life because she knows that foreign work experience demonstrates ____ to potential employers
    independence, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurship
  63. Roberto, the vice president of marketing, is talking to Francis, a sales manager in a foreign office, about several local situations that Francis's reps are facing in their territory. Roberto tells Francis that he believes there are differences and similarities between home and foreign personnel and practices, and that Francis should use whatever techniques are most effective. Trey is an example of a(n) ____ manager.
  64. Like other international companies, Jane is interested in expanding her candle business globally primarily to ___
    take advantage of supplies, new markets, and lower labor costs
  65. Quality Air, a company that builds airplanes, typically utilizes other production companies that specialize in certain parts for its jets; this practice is known as ____.
  66. Dominique owns an international grocery store where customers can purchase products from other countries. Dominique's store is an example of a company that ____.
  67. The United States uses government regulations, such as tariffs, embargoes, and import quotas, to limit the import of goods and services and protect their U.S. industries against foreign competition. This use of these regulations is known as ____.
    trade protectionism
  68. The United States limits the amount of cheese purchased from other countries; this policy is a type of ____.
    import quota
  69. China has been accused by shrimpers in South Louisiana of selling shrimp in the United States at a lower price than U.S. suppliers to drive down the price of American shrimp. The U.S. shrimpers are accusing the Chinese of ___.
  70. The United States has prohibited the import of sugar and cigars from Cuba. This is an example of a(n) ____
  71. The WTO was formed to ____.
    monitor and enforce trade agreements
  72. The agreements of the World Trade Organization are based on ____.
  73. According to the watchdog group Public Citizen, NAFTA is responsible for ____.
    the loss of 845,000 U.S. jobs
  74. While traveling in France, Jim and his wife, both Americans, were concerned about how much they can afford to spend in Europe because sometimes the U.S. dollar will buy more goods and sometimes it will buy less, based on changing economic conditions. This change in the values of currencies and how they fluctuate in relation to each other is known as the ____ rate.
  75. During global culture training for a group of employees who are being transferred to Egypt, Sam, the HR training manager, remarked that "in the Arab world, men have long handshakes and they hold hands and kiss cheeks, which is meant to express ____."
    devotion and equality in status
  76. A nation's culture is _______
    the shared set of beliefs, values, knowledge, and patterns of behavior common to its people
  77. In a low-context culture ____.
    shared meanings are primarily derived from written and spoken words
  78. When communicating across cultures, the best option regarding language use is _____.
    learn the local language
  79. Tom and his fiancé Susan decided to have their wedding on a beach in Acapulco, Mexico. Some services for the wedding, such as the limousine and the catering services, were local. Throughout the weekend of the wedding, the couple found that workers and things for their wedding arrived late. In response, the Mexican workers remarked, "Ustedes tiene que ser flexibles," which in English means, you have to be flexible with time. This attitude regarding time is considered _____.
    polychornic time
  80. A government's seizure of a domestic or foreign company's assets is known as ____.
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