Final test chapter 5 questions

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  1. When duties involve the use of the radio, employees must have the radio __ __ ____ __ __ _______ _____ at al times.
    On and tuned to the appropriate channel.
  2. When radio communications are used to direct backing, pushing or switching movements, the employee directing the move must?
    specify the distance of the movement and the movement must stop within one half the specified distance if no additional transmissions are received.
  3. To originate a radio call, the employee must?
    1) listen to ensure that the channel is clear

    2) identify their employing railroad

    • 3) identify themselves as follows: for trains scheduled number of scheduled trains or
    • The symbol and engine number for extra trains.
  4. When radio communication is used for switching operations within a yard and once positive identification has been established, a short radio identification consisting of _____ or ______ ______ may be used.
    Engine or assignment number.
  5. What key words must be used in communications.


  6. Emergency repeated 3 times will be used for initial reports of hazardous conditions which could result in death or injury, damage to property or serious disruption of railroad operations such as derailments, collisions, storms, washouts, fires, track obstructions, emergency brake applications, in addition, emergency calls must be made for the following:
    Overrunning the limits of authority

    Overrunning stop indications.
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