East Asian Studies

  1. Lin Village
    named after the family line that established the area
  2. When Ye's family came to Lin Village?
    • ye's family did not have long history in Lin Village
    • Only recently established residence because of his grandfather needing to marry into his grandmother's line who was a Lin
  3. Lin's Out of Luck
    • Originally Lin family were very prosperous and lucky
    • running rain water would cause the Lin ancestral shrine to be get minor damages
    • in order to relieve this they decided to build a ditch around it so that the running water would go around it
    • workers that were digging dug around the
    • shrine, but hit a small spring in the process that let out red bloodlike water flooding the soil
    • legend believes that the workers hit the dragon that protected them and since then they were no longer protected by the geomantic force
    • black death occured and women became barren causing lin family line to diminish
  4. Change in marriage pattern in Lin Village
    • marriage used to be patrilocal-patrilineal
    • used to practice exogamy, marry out
    • now they can marry within and husband can marry into wifes family if needed
  5. Ye's attitude toward something spiritual
    • he denied affiliation with spiritual entities because of his party affiliation
    • he only believed in geomancy
    • however, he is still willing to partake in village spiritual activities but just not in his own name, but his sons name instead
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