East Asian Studies

  1. Who is the Author of the Spiral Road?
    Huang Shu-Min
  2. Author history of the Spiral Road
    • Born in mainland china
    • raised in Taiwan
    • his father associated with nationalist party and his family had to flee to Taiwan
  3. Author's current position
    • Professor of Anthropology at Iowa State University
    • He was on sabbatical and decided to do research work interested in Xiamen University in China
  4. Why to China?
    • because china started to have economic reform and let foreigners in
    • also he had a lead over his colleagues because he was from China and understood the language
  5. with family?
    • at first his family was to go with him
    • but then there was a complication
    • so the family had to stay and he went alone
  6. author's experience at Xiamen university in 1984
    • He felt like an isolated prisoner
    • his liberal teachings interferred with the communistic maoist teachings
    • he was very bored
    • areas in the university were very shielded
    • he did not like very little interaction between him, students, and colleagues
    • he decided to reroute his research and conduct fieldwork at an agricultural community, Lin Village, outside of Xiamen city
  7. meeting P.S Ye for the first time?
    • Party Secretary Ye tried to cheat him into paying for higher rent
    • Author did not like that P.S. Ye interfered with the agreement between him and the landlord
  8. developing relationship to Ye
    • Ye confided in the author one night after the desecration of P.S. Ye's fathers grave
    • Author decided to listen to P.S. Ye and promote a rapport between them
    • He helped him by taking photos of the grave and listening to P.S. Ye grieve
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