A&P Lab Test 5

  1. transitional epithelium
    consist of several layers of cube shaped, elongated, and irregular cells, allowing an expandable lining
  2. Pseudostratified epithelium
    commonly possess cilia that move dust and mucus out of the respiratory airways
  3. Simple squamos epithelium
    single layer of flattened cells
  4. Simple columnar epithelium
    Single row of elongated cells, but some cells don't reach free surface
  5. Simple squamous epithelium
    forms walls of capillaries and air sacs of lungs
  6. Stratified columnar epithelium
    Provides lining of uretha of males and parts of pharynx
  7. Simple squamous epithelium
    provides abrasion protection of skin epidermis and oral cavity
  8. transitional epithelium
    Forms inner lining of urinary bladder and ureters
  9. simple cuboidal epithelium
    lines kidney tubules and ducts of salivary glands
  10. Stratified cuboidal epithelium
    Forms of lining of stomach and intestines
  11. Stratified cuboidal epithelium
    two or three layers of cube shaped cells
  12. Stratified squamous epithelium
    forms lining of oral cavity, anal canal, and vagina
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