Integument- Amphioxus Skin; Fish

  1. Epidermis
    simple columnar epithelium; no specialized cells in it; contains unicellular glands
  2. Dermis
    connective tissue with no separate spongiosum or compactum; just some CT that covers the surface of the muscles—arranged in repeating units called myomeres– there is no underlying fascia between the dermis and the myomeres
  3. Generally: 
    - epidermis of fish is __; they have a __, which functions to __. 

    - Some fish actually __
    • non-keratinized
    • mucous cuticle
    • make the fish very slippery in helping to escape from predators

    secrete a toxin the mucous cuticle, which is very repugnant to predators
  4. Integument of fishes cont. 
    - In the epidermis, there are two types of cells: ____

    - Glands
    the epidermal cell proper (generally located in the lower level of the epidermis—the basale level; can be cuboidal or columnar shaped; undergo mitosis, which, in fish, is not restricted to the basale level)

    Glands are located in the epidermis of fish
  5. Dermis in fish
    Stratum spongiosum and the stratum compactum

    In fish compactum, the orientation of the fibers are different. They are organized in angles—very regularly arranged—regular CT (plies, which are angled)

    So, when the fish moves by undulation, the skin does not wrinkle
  6. Dermis in fish contains?
    –Contains BV, nerves, and scales

    –Sometimes, dermal bone is found, which contributes to the scales
  7. Integument of cartilaginous fish
    • –Lack dermal bones
    • –Have scales that are placoid (dermal denticles)
  8. Integument of bony fish
    –The skin is thinner than that of the chindricthians so that the epidermis of the bony fish can be simple epithelium or stratified, depending on the fish
  9. Integument of bony fish -- dermis and fins
    –Dermis also tends to be thinner, except in fish that are scaleless, which have a thicker dermis

    –In fins, the dermis tends to be virtually absent

    –The scales don’t pierce the skin. They tend to be under the epidermis
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