A&P Lab Test 2

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  1. Mechanoreceptors
    Detect mechanical stimuli; provide sensations of touch, pressure, vibration, proprioception, and hearing and equilibrium; also monitor stretching of blood vessels and internal organs
  2. Chemoreceptors
    Detect chemicals in mouth (taste), nose (smell) and body fluids
  3. Nociceptors
    Respond to painful stimuli resulting from physical or chemical damage to tissue.
  4. Adaption
    The adjustment of the pupil of the eye to changes in light intensity
  5. Referred pain
    Pain that is felt at a site remote from the place of origin.
  6. Simple Squamous Epithelium
    A single layer of flat cells that resembles a tiled floor when viewed from apical surface; centrally located nucleus that is flattened and oval or spherical in shape. (filtration; diffusion; osmosis; secretion)
  7. Stratified squamous epithelium
    Has two or more layers of cells; cells in apical layer and several layers deep to it are squamous; cells in deeper layers vary from cuboidal to columnar (protection; secretion)
  8. Adipose connective tissue
    Has cells derived from fibroblasts (called adipocytes) that are specialized for storage of triglycerides (fats) as a large, centrally located droplet. Cell fills up with a single, large triglyceride droplet, and cytoplasm and nucleus are pushed to periphery of cell (cells in sparse fluid gel matrix; closely packed cells)
  9. transitional epithelium
    Many layers; cube shaped and elongated cells; thinner layers when stretched
  10. Simple cuboidal epithelium
    Single layer; cube shaped cells; round, centrally located nucleus.
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